Envy Of The State – Take Over The Radio

It’s hard to believe that a band from Telford could produce a modern, commercial rock sound. Envy Of The State are a four-piece from that very town whose single Take Over The Radio has just become one of the best rock tunes I’ve heard this year.

Must resist the urge to rave incoherently about a fresh and vibrant rock sound. But you know what I mean. When you’ve been around the block a few times, it’s easy to get jaded about new releases. Everything’s been done before, right? Except, the way Envy Of The State deliver their music, everything sounds new and exciting again. Even the vocal delivery of those first words “take take take take” is like being punched repeatedly in the face until you sit up and take notice.

You have no other choice.

Seriously though, I love everything about Take Over The Radio – tight, punchy guitar riffs married to pounding dynamic drumbeats. The press release that introduced me to the band raved about anthemic quality tracks and compared the group to Lostprophets and Velvet Revolver. And for once, those aren’t empty comparisons. Normally, you hear that kind of hyperbole and go “yeah, you wish“, but in this case, it’s well deserved!

Take Over The Radio is available on 7th June 2010, and the band’s debut album Soundtrack For Your Life comes out on the 8th June. If you want to watch another Envy Of The State video – Silver Screen is available on the band’s official website.

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