Eoghan Quigg: ‘28,000 Friends’ Single And Video Review

Song: 28,000 Friends

Artist: Eoghan Quigg

Album: Eoghan Quigg

Release Date: 3rd April 2009 (IRL), 6th April 2009 (UK)

Genre: Pop rock, teen pop, bubblegum pop

Peak Position: 32 (IRL), 96 (UK)

Well only Simon Cowell could unleash an act so bad like this on us! Maybe it’s unfair to call Eoghan Quigg bad but he was way over-hyped in X-Factor 2008, with only the votes of besotted teenage girls and admiring younger boys pushing him into 3rd place! Now using the writing style of James Bourne of Busted and Son Of Dork fame, the two bring us a song so bad, it’s cringeworthy and laughable.

Not only does it sound dated, lacking any of Busted’s infectious charm but everything is so clichéd. Singing about some girl obsessed with social networking sites is almost as bad as Britney’s album only track E-Mail My Heart. Then there’s the cringe-worthy “Don’t send an e-mail let me touch your face” lyric! And the key change that Simon Cowell is so fond of is here too! Clearly we can see that Cowell hasn’t the first clue about popular music being at least 5 years behind and Quigg is his annoying record company lapdog! One word for this song: Tripe!

We hardly have an original video here but it somehow works. Eoghan is dressed pretty well here with his typical Quigg cut looking in good shape! It’s from here the video goes downhill as a group of teenagers bombard the warehouse where Eoghan is performing. And guess what?! These teens have skateboards! So, so typical of a teenybopper pop rock song!

While Quigg pulls of a minimum amount of charisma, it’s pretty bad that his extras manage to outshine him especially the young girl he lifts in his arms who fakes a fainting spell. She managed to interest me most from this video. Eoghan is also seen posing with a little boy. Why?! There teenagers for God sake they should be getting drunk and up to a whole lot worse than grossing the public out with their mock clean attitudes. And on the bridge where Eoghan sings: “Does your snow white skin ever see the sunshine” he looks like he’s about to vomit. Yeah us too, Eoghan, us too!


  1. Gerard McGarry

    This song is utterly moronic! Quigg was easily the most popular contestant of last year’s X Factor, only losing out in the end because all the judges focussed their praise on JLS and Alexandra Burke. Where JLS have come out with something urban and vibrant, and Alexandra will no doubt be working with some major talent on her debut album, Eoghan rush-released this poorly chosen dirge.

    Now, I applaud him and his team for taking the initiative and getting out there while the X Factor tour was still in full flow, but he’s been given the complete and utter shaft. And if you think this song’s crap, you should see the ‘goodies’ on the album. A stellar collection of cover versions you’d NEVER give a teenage boy to sing.

    1. RandomEnigma

      Haha believe me I have heard the album and it is utter rubbish like you say! I found the album so poorly produced and all the songs he used wre obviously chosen by Cowell for the X-Factor. I mean gettiing a 16 year old boy to sing ABBA disgraceful. I hope to give a very cutting review of the album very soon actually!

    2. RandomEnigma

      Oh and I’m also in agreement with you about JLS and Alexandra. I just heard JLS’s new single Beat Again and it definitely could be one of the best R&B tracks of the year. i honestly have a feeling it will be very big-Rihanna’s Umbrella big! I’m just glad Simon or Louis didn’t get there hands on JLS because otherwise we’d just have another drippy Westlife style act who would no doubt be forgotten about in a year.

      I’m also excited about Alexandra Burke. While I still prefer Leona Lewis’ singing style, Alexandra comes across as a more confident version of her and I don’t think she’ll go down the road of sticking to what her record company tells her to do as Leona so clearly does!

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