Euros Lyn to direct Doctor Who movie starring Tennant?

The latest Doctor Who buzz is that Russell T Davies is planning a [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] movie, and that it may be directed by Euros Lyn. Don’t worry if the name doesn’t mean anything to you – it will after next week: he’s the guy who directed the third series of [[Torchwood (TV Series)|Torchwood]], Children Of Earth.

Disturbingly though, it’s being suggested that outgoing Doctor, [[David Tennant]], will be starring in the movie. Huh? Seems a bit odd to put the long-serving Time Lord up against his latest incarnation. Why make a movie centered around Tennant when [[Matt Smith]] is the rightful heir to the role?

Don’t get me wrong – I love Tennant – I grew to love him despite preferring Ecclestone’s Doctor. It’s just that the movie is rumoured to be two years away, and it doesn’t make sense (to me) to have Davies and Tennant taking Doctor Who in one direction while Stephen Moffat and Matt Smith should rightfully be continuing the story.

Two things give this story an air of validation: Russell T Davies hinted at three surprises to do with Tennant’s Doctor this year. So far, two have been revealed and a third is expected. Also, the trio of Lyn, Tennant and Davies are expected to appear at Comic-Con later this month, fuelling speculation of an announcement.

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