Eva Longoria files for divorce. Marriage to Tony Parker over?

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Eva Longoria Parker (soon to be plain old Longoria again) has filed for divorce from her husband of three years, basketball player Tony Parker.

People Magazine reports that she filed the documents with Los Angeles Superior Court “one day after her rep denied that Parker had done the same in a Texas court.” The Desperate Housewives actress was eight years her husband’s senior, something which may or may not have led to rumors of infidelity on his part in 2009. That said, Parker was clearly about eight foot taller than his wife, so it may have been the height difference and not the age difference.

However, the magazine goes on to note that the couple have showed none of the usual signs of strain, despite the allegations last year. Longoria continued to show support to her husband at basketball games, and enjoyed a romantic cruise to celebrate their third wedding anniversary this summer.

In 2008, one year after their lavish wedding, the Desperate Housewives star was plagued by pregnancy rumors, though she, Parker and her costars repeatedly denied them.

Still, Longoria Parker, said she was looking forward to having children with her husband, telling reporters in July 2008 that was eager to start a family. “I can’t wait,” she said at the time. 

A year earlier, the two were rocked by rumors that the San Antonio Spurs star had cheated on his wife, though Longoria Parker stood by her husband, cheering him on at games and sharing public dinners.

There’s no indication at this point what has caused the split between the two. I’m interested in the rumour that Tony Parker was rumoured to have filed for divorce in Texas the previous day, but also the reason for this and how suddenly it came about. Normally there’s a run-up to these type of split, and normally it has something to do with a revelation about to hit the papers. Was there an infidelity that couldn’t be overlooked, or was it something less salacious?

Update: Did a bit more digging around, and multiple sources are reporting that Tony Parker has been texting a close family friend “hundreds of times a month for almost a year”. Yet more proof – as if you needed it – that sports personalities will bang literally anything with a pulse.

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