Fairplay to Wagner, thats what i say.

Now im not a big fan of this years’ primetime scapegoat for micky-taking brazilian, but i have to say he handled himself and cheryl situation with alot of decorum and dignity last night….unlike his geordie attacker.

Instead of Cheryl doing her JOB (you know, the actual thing she gets paid to do) and commenting on the performance ,she chose to confront Wagner regarding his recent quotes to a journalist.

she quipped ” i dont usually have anything constructive to say about you but this week you made some comments in the press about me coming from a council estate, if i could give you any advice it would be to say dont focus on how lucky i am, focus on how lucky YOU are to still be on that stage”

now its not about what she said that bothers me intensely its the way in which she said it, and the abuse of power and opertunity she undertook to make her point. 

When given the chance to reply to the judges comments Wagner opted to speak directly to Cheryl and i feel he defended himself quite assertively yet very gentlemenly; “I said cheryl is a role model. i believe she grew up on a council estate and many people who live there dont believe they can achieve better, You did because you are incredibly talented , you are beautiful and have the manners of a princess” .He said

well i guess that last bit about manners is slightly debateable wagner and i think it was he who showed true manners last night not her. i can certainly assure of this, had it been me who was being bullied in front of millions of viewing public i might not have been quite so polite. 

I actually found it to be highly rude, undignified and not to mention completely and utterly unprofessional of cheryl to onslaught a personal grievance with Wagner on live TV. Theres a time and a place darling and that cetainly wasnt the right one of either.

I’v always liked the girl i really have, i admire her ballsyness, her ambition, she’s hardworking and i do genuinely believe shes a warm and kind person deep down, Wagner is right that she is talented and beautiful, but to be fair he is also right when he said that she is infact, originally a girl from a council estate who got lucky! 

Above and beyond all that though, Cheryl has a position of responsibilty. A responsibility to uphold a professional image at work (like we all do)

And as a so-called Celebrity , in the public eye,  she has a position of responsibilty to her fans – the younger ones, especially the girls – they look up to her as a role model. what kind of impression does it give off when you publicly take a lamb to the slaughter like that.? is it really okay to speak to someone in such a demoralising way.?

I believe she had every intention of speaking her mind about the ‘alleged’ quotes, live on air, regardless of his performance……….. and that to me is completely out of order.

Well fairplay to Wagner for not rising to the flames and actually making her (physically) sit back, take in what he was saying and make her realise that perhaps she was alittle too sharp with her tongue.

Personally i saw it as categorical bullying on Cheryls part. It was clear she was eaten up by sheer disgust about what he had ‘apparently’ said, and she seemed determined to play the martre and put him in his place, yet only a few weeks previous she was the one telling us on the Piers Morgan show not to believe everything we read. Pure hipocracy if you ask me!

i dont know about you but i was taught to respect my elders not publicly flog them with humiliation.

Sometimes you can take the girl out of the council estate but it just goes to show you can never take the council estate out of the girl.




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  1. slaneyvalley

    Well said Yum Mum, I couldn’t have described it better. I thought she looked like she was seething with anger and Wagner was very diplomatic. Cheryl should have had the curtesy to have a chat with Wagner backstage or somewhere else but once again she used the x-factor as a platform to air her opinions let alone to plug her album. This might actually backfire on her in so far as Wagner staying that little bit longer on the show. I am curious – was any of this brought up on the Xtra Factor?

  2. justME

    I wasn’t really surprised at CC’s outburst- but that’s because I always thought that she is a bighead-I am also insulted that she thinks that she can tell anyone on the XFactor that they are lucky to still be there!! considering that the public has the main votes sometimes, and hopefully more than just viewing influence.So i agree too- she’s out of order. The other thing is that i also think it’s rude to generalise about  people on council estates- that’s because i grew up in a county where there were lots of them- and maybe you’d be surprised what a mixed types of people actually live on them-ii’m beginning to wonder if CC got lucky or if she’s just going to turn out to be a pain in the a***!! 

  3. Gerard McGarry

    We’ve seen Wagner’s house on Xtra Factor – it’s quite a modest wee home and I think a council type house too. In fact, it looks like a pensioners’ bungalow.

    Great post, by the way Lyndsay. The only thing I’d add is that I think this was premeditated as an attack on Wagner to make him look bad. I still say that the show will up its efforts to make him look bad to get him voted off before he ends up singing with Prince in the finals!

  4. Ageing tart

    You can not do anything to make Wagner look bad, he simply is bad news. But for some reason or other a big section of the voting public love him. After Saturday they’ll love him all the more.Despite the fact that his performance was crap.

    So Cheryl is seen as speaking out of turn because of a) responsibility b) reputation and c) lack of respect, because the programme is seen by an average of 20 million viewers. I don’t think so.

    But what about the respect, gratefullness and appreciation from a wanabe in getting selected in the first place for a televised talent show. Instead this Wagner was shown to be rather worse for wear drinking and spouting off all manner of things whilst under the influence of alcohol. Not just about the judging panel but the contestants. Ok the press needn’t have reported any of it, but they have to let the masses know exactly what kind of guy this person is.

    Maybe the press have done it to save him from himself!

    This competition is not of the same calibre as a theatre’s search for someone to play a role in a musical or a play, I would expect the highest of professional standards in that given scenario.

    I don’t expect it from this show, that auditions well over 100.000 people in the most unprofessional fashion.  I also remember all to well Simon when being interviewed himself, admitting he liked the idea of being judge and showmaster in a medieval rough justice setting baiting and goading contestants for effect. Hardly professional is it?

    Reality TV is about making some people feel stupid, or desperate and if it stumbles on someone talented than thats a bonus. But the dangling carrot is the cause of such temptation.

    Wagner is in fact giving the show a bad name and shouldn’t have been selected in the beginning. Although I suppose the panel thought at the time that they should pick someone as a joker to lighten up the competition for a couple of weeks and instead, he’s still there today.

    So this week we will probably see some more illuminating comments and behaviour in the press or the spin off programme, about Wagner or maybe they’ll shift their attention to another contestant this week.

    Personally I really do think it is time someone did speak up on the tv screen to get people into line about their behaviour on screen and off screen.  I don’t care who does it. Dermot, Louis, Cheryl, Danni, Or Cheryl. In fact they should have a meeting and lay down the ground rules again and if anyone breaks them than they simply lose their place in the competition.

    I mean come on you wouldn’t Wagner taking photo’s of your wife in her bra, or invading her bedroom when she is getting ready for bed, or having just come out of the shower. What about the letchering after young girls not lusting after them, if this were to happen outside a school he’d be arrested. If this was happening in his neighbourhood the local authorities would assume he was going senile and try to remove him into care.

    “Sometimes you can take the girl out of the council estate but it just goes to show you can never take the council estate out of the girl.”

    I live in a council flat, but I am now surrounded by flats which have in the main been bought by council tenants and sold on. I live a 5 – 10 minute walk away from the estate Cheryl Cole was brought up on, the reality of the estate is that it isn’t to bad. Has a mixture of tenants elderly. middle aged couples, young people and families. Loads of students. Some who work others who don’t. At my end we have loads of professional people who like to live in walking distance of town also 10 -15 minutes away. So we have a real mix of tenants.

    The ultimate goal post of anyone who is successful is to rise out of the social class you were born into and the area you were brought up in. The next best thing is to work towards improving your area so the council label and stigma is destroyed. The latter here means that opportunities are created by some of the residents towards self improvement. You see its never a case of “never taking the council estate out of the girl”. Because this implies that council estates are bad places.

    Lets go back to where Cheryl was brought up, if you have read any of her interviews or books its not the housing that was bad, in the majority of instances its not the vast array of tenants who were bad, indeed it was a few of the close friends of her brother that were the problem. Cheryls childhood also had some happy times to contrast sharply with the family poverty, she studied danicng at a young age and was totally taken by dancing.

    Being brought up in poverty does not make you a bad person, or a criminal, it teaches you not to be a spendthrift and to budget. It teaches you to value things which you can’t get back and to value and appreciate small successes.  If you succeed at something truly big, ie become a pop star or an actor, than you make sure people understand that you are grateful for the opportunities that have been given you, and at the same time you do take pride in where you have come from.

    The latter says to others that it can be done.

    Plus factors for the x factor programme is that it has the potential to give opportunities to people from all walks of life, from all social and economic environments deprived or wealthy, and it markets the said people who have a talent far more than the individuals could themselves.


    Ageing tart


    1. Gerard McGarry

      I feel like you’re blaming Wagner though, Maureen. In previous years someone like Wagner would have been 180 seconds of someone to laugh at during the auditions. But ultimately, how did he get as far as the eighth week of live shows?

      It’s because someone on the X Factor production team thought it would be a great laugh to put him through.

      I don’t think it’s fair of us to blame Wagner. X Factor have a history of putting in ridiculous acts and they usually develop their own fanbase from the viewers. I think we have to blame the show for calling itself a singing competition and regularly choosing people who can’t sing just to add an extra dimension to the series. It doesn’t work, and it totally undermines the rest of the show.

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