Family Guy: Brian meets Rush Limbaugh in Excellence In Broadcasting

Excellence In Broadcasting” is a shockingly Peter Griffin-free episode of Family Guy that focuses on Brian and guest star The Real Rush Limbaugh. It was a real cause of surprise that Limbaugh himself deigned to appear on the show and have the mickey taken out of himself.

And to be fair, the episode wasn’t as hard on Limbaugh as it could have been – he gets portrayed as a street-fighting vigilante, being the Conservative Scooby Doo gang with John McCain, and eventually exits the episode by morphing into a patriotic eagle.

What happens is this – Lois mentions that Limbaugh is doing a book signing in town, and Brian rushes (no pun intended) down to the store to confront him. But Limbaugh challenges him to actually read something he’s written (and even throws in a slice of meat as enticement), and overnight Brian switches his political allegiances.

And about five minutes later, the pupil overtakes the master – Brian becomes more hard-line than Limbaugh and ends up trying to waterboard Nancy Pelosi, while Rush begins to look like the level-headed voice of reason. It’s quite a fun romp for Family Guy, and the show manages to make a few clever points about Brian’s political flip-flopping. Lois calls him a contrarian and accuses him of favouring whoever’s in opposition.

Over to you, Shout readers – what was your take on last night’s Family Guy? Should they have been meaner to Rush Limbaugh, or did they get the balance right?


  1. Man: “Love the Hummer, Rush. How d’you like it?” Rush: “It is the best. I’m not saying you have to be gay to drive something else, but if you drive something else, you’re probably a guy who likes to pleasure other men sexually.”
  2. Rush: “Thank you Rush for doing my thinking for me, because I lack the ability to think critically and independently.”
  3. Lois: “You brainwashed our dog!”
  4. Rush: “Oh, I’ll be around. Wherever there’s a rich white guy in need of another tax break, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a brain-dead woman in need of expensive life support her husband doesn’t want, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a country that needs to be invaded for reasons that don’t exactly pan out, I’ll be there too.”

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