Film Review – Goon

Violence. Proper blood-letting, tooth-removing, coma-inducing violence. Isn’t it hilarious?

What happens when you find yourself quite enjoying a film, yet you utterly despise everything it stands for? Can a hateful message stop a good film being a good film? Even if I give “Goon” the benefit of the doubt, I’ll certainly never look at professional ice hockey with any form of respect ever again.

The basic principle of this film is that a man is hired as a hockey player because he can fight. Very efficiently. And not only does nobody have a problem with this, he’s an idol to millions, including children. And the girl he’s interested in already has a boyfriend. But I guess that’s the boyfriend’s issue. And this is all, supposedly, based on a true story. And played for laughs. Seriously, is it really just me that has a problem with this?

Casting Seann William Scott is something of a master stroke. He has a proven history demonstrating that he has more than enough charm to get away with playing characters who should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. And he pulls it off again.

I can’t deny I was hooked, but if it’s any consolation, I feel thoroughly ashamed of myself for it. I just wish the film-makers (not to mention real-life counterparts) did too.

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