Film Review – Man on a Ledge

Snakes on a Plane had snakes on a plane. Similarly, Man on a Ledge has a man on a ledge. However, whereas the snakes were the most interesting part of the former, it’s not the case with the latter.

In one of his previously high-profile roles, Sam Worthington was the actor who had more charisma in his animated Avatar form than in his human counterpart. Conversely, Jamie Bell proved with TinTin that he’s more charismatic when seen, rather than heard. So when the two are paired on-screen as brothers, it’s no surprise that it’s Jamie’s show, and fortunately he’s given all the hard work, while Sam does little more than literally stand on a ledge. But at least he’s not as embarrassing as Ed Harris’s baddie, who may as well have been given a moustache to twirl in his fingertips.

Elizabeth Banks, hilarious in the likes of 30 Rock, The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Zack & Miri Make A Porno, follows up The Next Three Days with another serious role. I’m still not quite convinced that she can pull it off, but it may be simply because I worry her finely-tuned comedic instincts are wasted on dramatic roles.

The film ultimately reveals itself to be a pretty perfunctory heist movie. Cue crawling through vents, still images placed over security cameras, dangling from wires in elevator shafts… you get the gist. You may see the ending coming long before the lead characters do, although I was hoping that at the very least its execution would have been a bit more creative.

You wouldn’t exactly be wasting your time and money going to see this, but I can pretty much guarantee there’s little here you won’t have seen before.


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