Film Review – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

It’s been a while, but Tom Cruise is back. And by “back”, I mean “BACK!” Forget “Knight & Day” (I’m sure you already have), all is forgiven as we get what is quite possibly the best film of the M:I franchise so far.

Pixar contributor Brad Bird’s live action debut turns the action and tension up to 11. In the process, it also manages to wring out the best performances for years from its stars. Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg get to play to their strengths, and even double-Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner gets his best role so far, demonstrating why he has been lined up to replace Matt Damon in the forthcoming Bourne film.

We have now become so blasé to big-screen set-pieces that when something happens and you find yourself actually shouting an expletive aloud, you know a film has done something impressive.

Taking the best elements of all of the previous films, this raises the bar for action movies once more, and reminds us why Tom Cruise was such a huge star- and might be again.

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