Film Review – Puss in Boots

For me, the Shrek movies have been something of an over-rated phenomenon. The introduction of Puss In Boots did improve matters at first, but he has been a very one-note character; He’s a badass Zorro, but sooooo cuuuuute… And that’s it. So my hopes weren’t high for this spin-off movie. And yet, somehow, it’s fantastic.

The character is nicely fleshed out here, with a decent backstory and a truly emotional journey involving a childhood friendship with Humpty “Alexander” Dumpty. From the off, the comedy beats are spot-on. Western clichés are turned on their head, dramatic moments comically undermined by Puss’s cat traits, and some superbly choreographed dancing and fighting.

Antonio Banderas has the perfect voice for such a smooth character and Salma Hayek proves to be more than a pretty face, giving Puss a credible rival/love interest in the equally intriguing Kitty Soft Paws.

The Shrek franchise may well have run its course, but I suspect that Puss may still have a few of his nine lives left to share with us.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I actually fell asleep during this one! For me, it started out promisingly enough, and Puss turns out to be a strong enough character to carry an entire movie himself. However, once we’d worked out that Humpty was a bad-boy on a course for redemption, I think my brain decided to check out.

    On to matters of film trivia though – is this the first time Banderas and Hayek have ‘appeared’ together in a movie since From Dusk Til Dawn?

  2. Simon Williams

    I’m not sure, it might well be. It seems too good a double-act to waste. They were amazing on Graham Norton recently.

    I actually fell asleep during Sherlock 2. And it STILL felt 8 hours long!

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