Film Review – The Darkest Hour (in 3D)


I honestly thought a film about invisible aliens invading Moscow sounded quite fun.

I was so very, very wrong.

I’ve always found Emile Hirsch a rather likeable screen presence, so when the first line out of his mouth made me wish for his character’s death, I began to suspect this may not be as fun a ride as I’d hoped. It turns out he’s actually one of the film’s “good guys”, and there are worse characters to come. And once they come, they’re not off-screen for long enough.

There isn’t really much to say about this film. The visual and sound effects are fine, and the 3D, as always, adds nothing other than messed-up perspective. This includes birds that appear to fly through buildings and dust that blows along the floor, just below the ground. But Moscow looks nice.

The film, rather embarrassingly, ends with a set-up for a sequel (the final line is actually something like, “This is just the beginning”). Fortunately, that’s now about as likely to happen as this winning the Oscar for Best Picture.


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