Film Review – The Muppets

They’re back! Due to popular demand! Or, to be more accurate, due to popular indifference.

For me, this was another Hugo. A film made with love, for all the right reasons, with good intentions and for the sheer fun of it. But it just didn’t work.

The musical numbers would have worked brilliantly in Flight of the Conchords, but just didn’t translate to a family audience. Even the usually superb Amy Adams is unrecognisably mediocre, especially after being so magnificent in Enchanted.

Jason Segal, often guilty of overacting for comedic effect, downplays things nicely straight. He is respectful enough to allow the Muppets themselves to hog the spotlight. But this is where the film ultimately falls down.

The multitude of Muppet characters are introduced, each has a moment in the spotlight, but none use the opportunity to really shine. Much is made of Miss Piggy’s essential role, yet when she finally turns up she doesn’t do much.

The big finale where they get to show us all what we’ve been missing all these years only proves to show us why they’ve disappeared.

I loved its energy and enthusiasm, but ultimately I felt that all the goodwill was coming from me, not the film.

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