First listen: Ke$ha’s new single We R Who We R

Ke$ha, Queen of Skank, already in our hearts for the ode to nudity that is Take It Off, returns with a new single We R Who We R.

You know how you can never tell if that’s dirt or freckles on Ke$ha’s face? It just reminds us that with a clean face and bog-standard blonde hair, Ke$ha would be no different than a Diana Vickers or a Pixie Lott. Both of whom we love here on Shout, but they’re kinda interchangeable, aren’t they?

We R Who We R is to be the lead track from Ke$ha’s 1.5th album. That’s right, the mucky minx is releasing an extended version of her debut album, Animal. The new release will have eight new tracks for you to squizz about, plus a remix (just to fill the space). And the new album will be titled…Cannibal. Apparently you can buy it as a double pack with Animal or just have the Cannibal tracks on their own. Good time to pick up the album if you’ve been meaning to get a copy of Animal. In all good music stores now, etc, etc…

So, without further ado, catch the latest youth anthem from the girl with the filthy face and the bourbon-infused breath. Long may she remain unwashed!

We’ll get a single review to you just as soon as Queen Ke$ha releases a video to accompany it!

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  1. Dara Hickey

    Loved ‘Take It Off’, as you know, and I LOVED ‘Your Love Is My Drug’, but this, this is tepid.

    To quote Ke$ha herself: it’s a little “Blah Blah Blah”.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’m gonna claim it’s a grower given that it’s definitively Ke$ha, and I like quite a few of her songs now. Still, I want to give it a couple of weeks to settle in before I review it and make a final judgement!

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