First listen: N*E*R*D ft Nelly Furtado – Hot N Fun

Possibly my favourite thing that Pharrell Williams has ever been involved in is N*E*R*D. Hip-hop meets rock or at least real instruments instead of samples. The trio (including Chad Hugo and Shae Hayley) have teamed up with Nelly Furtado for a typically N*E*R*D style summer groove.

Furtado gives a ‘blink and you’ll miss it performance’, but it’s nice to see her back on the scene an injecting a bit of Latin flair into the track. And also throwing her hat into the list of people who look like Idina Menzel? Discuss.

It’s a frivolous track, with a great beat and funky bass running through it. That’s never a condemnation with N*E*R*D, it’s a good thing. The guys have a nose for a great hook and Hot N Fun delivers that, along with that short but sweet chorus from Furtado. And full marks to Pharrell with his pub philosopher hat on when he drawls “People don’t want to think anymore, they just want to feel.” Do we agree with that?

Finally, the new single is from N*E*R*D’s forthcoming fourth album, entitled Nothing. Which is so-called because “it’s like nothing you ever heard before”.

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