First listen: The City Calls – Truth Or Dare

In need of some high-octane rock and roll to wake you up on this tiresome Thursday morning? Me too. That’s why I saved this video for a day like today!

The band are a five piece from Southampton called The City Calls – and this is their latest single Truth Or Dare. Give it a spin in the Vimeo player below – you’ll love it. Fast paced, energetic and fun! It’s a definitively British take on the pop-punk genre – lots of pounding drums and excellent harmonies. Check out the video:

Who’s in the band, you ask? Here’s the lineup: Lucas Hardy – Vocals, Scotty Perry – Guitar/Vocals, Darren Ledwich – Guitar, Chris Aldridge – Bass/Vocals and John Plummer – Drums

If you want to stalk the band (and you know you do), they’ve got a great Facebook page and the obligatory MySpace profile too. Their video is currently getting airplay on Scuzz and Lava TV, so the signs are good that The City Calls are going to be big – so play your part! If you enjoyed the band, tweet about them, share the video on Facebook and just spread the word about them!

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