First look: Jennifer Aniston in Cougar Town

Here’s a first look at Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston on [[Cougar Town (TV Series)|Cougar Town]]. Well, it was only a matter of time before Aniston got roped into appearing!

Last year, former Friends star Lisa Kudrow made an appearance as a therapist who ended up dating Jules’ ex-husband. It seems like the public’s thirst for Friends reunions is going to be good business for Cougar Town. But why does nobody ever speculate whether Schwimmer, Perry or Le Blanc will appear?

So what part is Aniston playing? She’ll be playing Glenn, Jules’ therapist. The two ladies will form a fast bond that makes Jules’ neighbour and best friend Ellie (Christa Miller) to get jealous. What’s new there? If Jules stopped to pet a dog, Ellie would have a hissy fit.

However, Glenn and her particular type of therapy aren’t all that they seem. And all hell’s likely to break loose when Jules finds out!

The new series of Cougar Town is due to kick off on 22nd September on ABC. (Yay!)

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