Five great dramas from the first half of 2011

We’re now half way through the year, with film trailers for all kinds of movies proving there is much to look forward to. That said, a quick look at some of the dramas that have emerged in 2011 so far shows that actually, we’ve already had it pretty good.

Sure, like every year there have been some disappointments, but while there are many who like to wallow in what could have been, I prefer to look on the bright side. With that in mind here are my top 5 dramas of the last six months.


A real surprise this one. I wandered along to the cinema expecting a lightweight comedy vehicle for Bradley Cooper and got a great deal more than I bargained for. Not too heavy, not too silly, Limitless combines an engaging story with some really nice visuals and even manages to squeeze a passable performance from Robert De Niro – something which, let’s face it, is rare nowadays.

The Next Three Days

It may have disappeared pretty quickly from theatres when it hit the UK box office in January, but The Next Three days is a tight little thriller that really deserves a much more successful life on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s not perfect by any means, but if you are looking for solid weeknight entertainment, you should definitely think about giving this Russell Crowe prison break drama a spin.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Matthew McConaughey has been doing what he does for some time now, but when he’s not starring opposite bland blondes or filling film news headlines with his naked bongo-playing antics, he’s actually pretty watchable. Here, he’s back as a smart-talking criminal lawyer who gets pulled into some dodgy dealings that threaten to leave a serious crease in his immaculately-pressed suit.


Criminally, this limited release has gone largely overlooked by the mainstream and can now only hope for some word of mouth attention on DVD. Intense, brutal, dark and incredibly powerful (particularly towards the end), this is an absolute must-watch. Be warned though, some of you might need subtitles as the Scottish accents here make Trainspotting sound like Pride & Prejudice.


Despite having absolutely no interest in motor racing whatsoever, this documentary on the life of Ayrton Senna absolutely blew me away. Created using hours and hours of stock footage, this tightly crafted little gem is one of the most thrilling, interesting movies I’ve seen this year. It really benefits from being seen on the big screen, but if it’s too late for that in your neck of the woods, you should definitely hunt down the DVD or Blu-ray when it comes out.



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