Fix Factor? Cheryl Cole costs Treyc Cohen her place on X Factor results show

In a very unsatisfying end to tonight’s X Factor results show, Treyc Cohen got voted off by the judges – because her mentor Cheryl Cole refused to choose between her and Katie Waissel.

Clearly blindsided when Dermot O’Leary asked her who she wanted to save. Simon Cowell had already – inexplicably – chosen to save Katie Waissel, despite her forgetting her words and singing off-key. Dermot came to Cheryl next, and she refused to choose between her two acts.

However, she did say that she would take it to deadlock after the other judges had voted. But viewers were all left baffled after Louis Walsh also chose to save Katie and the show swiftly moved on with Treyc’s elimination. Some people say that Dermot told Cheryl it would be a majority decision if she refused to vote, but many people were expecting the show to swing back to Cheryl to make it a deadlock decision.

The official line (as told by Konnie Huq on Xtra Factor): The reason that it did not go to deadlock tonight was because Cheryl abstained, and then as such it went to the majority vote from the judges.

However, many people aren’t happy that Treyc was so easily sacrificed in favour of the less-liked Katie Waissel. Katie did a bizarre sit-down protest during her performance and she struggled vocally as well. Treyc sang brilliantly, but then nobody denies her voice is excellent. In fact, Simon Cowell commented: “Treyc, you are the better singer, and Katie you are the more interesting performer.”

Despite that little bit of damage limitation, viewers were confused and angry – especially when Simon made his decision based on who he thought the viewers would want to keep. They most certainly didn’t want to keep Katie, but he sure did – Katie at least draws headlines. Lisa has some great Twitter reaction to Treyc’s elimination on Unreality TV if you want more.

Treyc’s Tragedy

I think the saddest and most frustrating thing about Treyc’s elimination was that she was totally mismanaged during her time on X Factor. It was the same pitfall that killed off Rachel Adedeji last year – a lot of stylistic flip-flopping from her mentor prevented her from developing a fanbase. 

Treyc waited two years for her chance to come back on this show and by rights should have blown us all away. I’ve never seen an opportunity so badly wasted on this show. Her styling and her song choices all led to people recognizing her as a powerful singer, but not really caring if she won or lost.

Sadly, I think a lot of the uproar will be fuelled by the fact that people really wanted Katie Waissel to get booted off, and tonight was her chance. I think Simon and Louise stepped in to keep a tabloid favourite in the competition rather than saving the better singer. But then, was Treyc ever going to win? Or was she a pretty good singer in a competition where the final three are pretty much already decided? (I’m talking about Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction)


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  1. Doozer

    As I wrote on your affiliated site, I actually like the idea that if the bottom two acts are mentored by the same judge, then that judge should not vote last, as it would give him/her a “free pass” on this game show.

    For example, if the vote was 3-0 then the judge would not vote (as it would be over) and if it was 2-1, the judge could send it to “deadlock” which would be the easy way out.  Voting in slot 1, 2, or 3 would force them to actually judge the bottom two acts that he/she mentors (or the judge may abstain and let his/her colleagues decide).  While abstaining results in criticism, the producers can increase the negative sanction and ensure judges make a decision on the night by instituting a rule that if a judge abstains, then they lose their vote for the next episode.  Too late for this case, but worth considering for subsequent episodes/series.

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