FlashForward – A561984 (S01E10), Episode review

Despite Wedeck’s warning last week to “stay the hell out of Hong Kong” (seriously, how many times do you hear that from your boss?), Benford and the finite-lived Demetri Noh jet over to track down the woman who told Demetri when he would be killed.

You could tell that this was the mid-season finale of [[FlashForward (TV Series)|FlashForward]] – the episode was just electric. Benford and Noh’s trip was just one part of it. Lloyd Simcoe makes a televised statement that his lab’s plasma field experiments caused the blackouts. Within seconds of the revelation, he’s been shot at, and most of the planet want him dead.

Well, except for the alluring Mrs Benford, who suddenly sympathises with Simcoe and offers him help in getting his son shifted to a more secure hospital. Simcoe pulls a blinder of a chat-up line when he suggests to Olivia that in a parallel universe, they may have met at Harvard – Olivia was due to move to a house beside Simcoe when she was going to university, but pulled out because of Mark’s career. Instead, Simcoe’s future wife moved into that house, they met and made a baby.

Demetri’s girlfriend spends some time trying to coax his parents to attend their beachfront wedding, but as she attends a memorial service for a colleague, she makes a devastating realisation: she saw Demetri’s parents in her FlashForward. Knowing that they would never attend their wedding, but they wouldn’t miss their son’s funeral, she pays Mrs Noh a visit. I’m not sure what was the cause of friction about their relationship, but the fact of Demetri’s death brings Mrs Noh and Zoey together.

Wedeck sends Janis Hawk down to the hospital to try and convince Simcoe to come in and talk to them. However, while she’s there she pumps Dr Varley for information on how she can get pregnant. She stops short of asking him to be a sperm donor, which I found disappointing, but I did love her description of herself as “super-gay”!

Back at FBI Headquarters, Simon Campos offers to help Wedeck if he can be given a formal role in getting to the bottom of the blackouts. His motives are unclear – he’d earlier threatened to go to war with Simcoe for making any more revelations. But he finds out something interesting – his idea for the plasma wave technology was developed at least a year before he thought of it.

For the first time in weeks, I felt like FlashForward was truly back on track. There was the massive reveal that Benford is Demetri’s future killer – the episode title A561984 is the registration number of Benford’s gun – as well as Benford playing dirty in order to get information, something that ends up getting him fired.

The building chemistry between Lloyd Simcoe and Olivia Benford is becoming more and more convincing. If you didn’t see Simcoe’s kidnapping coming though, you’d have to be blind. The first ambulance man had the classic “villain posing as helper” guise written all over him, and of course little Dylan’s spidey-senses were clearly tingling.

So now we have a bunch of cliff-hangers that genuinely reawakened interest in FlashForward. Can’t wait until the new year to find out how they all resolve themselves!

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