FlashForward – Give Me Some Truth (S01E05) – Episode review

The fifth episode of [[FlashForward (TV Series)|FlashForward]] takes Benford’s FBI team to Washington for a series of Senate Hearings. Benford and Co are fighting to keep the Mosaic project alive in the face of a very hostile Senator with a grudge against Wedeck. Back on home turf and Benford’s AA friend Aaron is helping sexy Mrs Benford with some handyman jobs around the house. And in other news, Agent Janis Hawk is getting some hot girl on girl action, but becomes defensive when her new girlfriend ‘Mosaics’ her (yes, an entirely new strain of cyberstalking) and discovers she’s pregnant in the future.

Phew. And not a dead crow in sight. Well, OK, the team do make some headway in the rather bizarre Somalian subplot, but it’s rather dull and we won’t go there.

Give Me Some Truth starts at the ending and works backwards from there: Benford and his FBI mates are getting into a car after the Senate Hearings and are promptly set upon by some heavily armed Asian dudes. With rocket launchers. We later learn that all the FBI folks miraculously escaped the wreckage of their car and won out in a firefight against the Asians.

Story of the night is Agent Wedeck going out on a limb for Benford, then discovering the big hole in Benford’s flashforward: his recollection of the flashforward is hazy while everybody else’s is crystal clear. And why, prey tell, is Benford’s vision so muddled? It’s because he’s completely shitfaced in his flashforward and his memory is buggered. (Begging the question “is his testimony reliable?”)

It’s this question that brings Benford’s testimony crashing down, and when he admits the real reason to Wedeck later, Wedeck goes nuts at him for putting his career on the line. If I were Wedeck, I’d have asked the more obvious question: why didn’t the originators of Mosaic put their own house in order and cross-reference the flashforwards of all the agents in Benford’s office? At least that would have corroberated his story and provided more insight. Was Benford alone in the office on that night then?

Meanwhile, Janis (who had been accused of being a lesbian by the Nazi war dude in the 137 Sekunden episode) is indeed spotted hooking up with a rather hot young woman. The two hit it off quite nicely and things look rather cosy until Maya decides to Mosaic her new G/F and discovers the pregnancy. Awkward. Naturally, Janis takes a huff about this and dumps her hot ass immediately.

To cap it all off, Janis is also beset by gun-toting Asian types, but she manages to take two of them out at the same time as stopping a bullet with her stomach. And as she lies bleeding on the ground, we see her flashforward again – the ultrasound and Janis discovering she’s having a baby girl. If she dies in the street, it’ll be proof that the flashforwards don’t necessarily come true, but that would also undermine the entire series, so we have to assume she’ll live. Of course, that’s part of the cliffhanger and hopefully a question that’ll be answered in episode 6!

A small part of the episode centered around Olivia Benford talking to Mark’s friend Aaron. Olivia wore a selection of tight and low-cut tops tonight to distract viewers like me from the dialogue. The basic gist is that Olivia’s worried Mark will start drinking again because of the new pressures in his job. Aaron allays her fears a little bit, while valiantly trying to maintain eye contact with Mark’s hot wife.

So, at the end of it all, one question remains: who ordered the rather obvious and quite clumsy hit on the FBI team? Wedeck certainly pissed off the President with his impromptu blackmail routine, but neither does he have a fan in Senator Clemente.

Definitely a step in the right direction, although the cracks that appeared in earlier episodes haven’t been quite papered over. However, Give Me Some Truth was quite a strong episode and unlike the victims of the FlashForwards, gives me a little hope for the future of the series. Nice cliffhanger – can’t wait till next week!

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