Flo Rida feauturing Wynter: ‘Sugar’ Single And Video Review

Song: Sugar

Artist: Flo Rida featuring Wynter

Album: R.O.O.T.S.

Release Date: 22nd May 2009 (IRL), 25th May 2009 (UK)

Genre: Southern hip hop, electronic rap, R&B

Peak Position: 27 (IRL), 19 (UK)

Does Flo Rida ever get bored rapping about shawties, cars, money and sex? Hmmm if this song is anything to go by, Flo Rida has hardly changed his formula in the four singles he’s released prior to this. Another sense of deja vu lurks as once again, Flo has roped in an anonymous female vocalist with a sexy voice and samples another classic pop song, this time it’s Blue Da Ba Dee by Eiffel 65. Oh his unoriginality just kills me!

While this should go down a storm with club goers and it is a Summery song with Blue Da Ba Dee being as infectious as ever, especially being sung by the sexy Wynter. It’s better than the monstrosity that was Right Round but I think Flo Rida knows his days are numbered so he’s using every trick in the book to hold onto his popularity. I have no bias against Flo whatsoever but the slick rapper is going to need to change his style if he wants longevity in this business.

The video is more colourful then the dull looking Right Round video with Flo making the most of his native Floridan scenery. However, that’s where the beauty ends as the video goes soft core vulgar after that. Wynter plays the role of a dentist as she puts Flo Rida under anastethic as Flo Rida dreams about himself and Wynter dancing in front of some various blue screens and watching her in her swimwear on the beach.

But Wynter keeps coming and going on Flo! Why? Well one one hand he’s a rich rapper. But, then again, he’s a pretty uninspired rapper at that! Well, they’re my theories on why Wynter keeps leaving! Turns out though that while Flo is under anaesthetic, Wynter is having her wicked way with him. If she was a man that would be sexual assault but I suppose it’s not rape if you enjoy it as conveyed by the rapper as he goes back for some more…fully concious! Like the song-uninspire and unoriginal.


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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I’ve heard this a few times lately, and it’s time to comment on it. Your opening point about Flo Rida’s topics to sing about is a good one – but you could say the same about 90% of the artists in the pop charts right now.

    I think the difference between Flo Rida and the rest of ’em is that his mish-mash of samples from other songs and blathering between them is utterly pointless. He seems to be a complete fad artist – making big sales, but no real content behind what he’s producing. Some might say that pop music is meant to be enjoyed, not taken too seriously, but for me, this is forgettable dirge. I change the channel any time Flo Rida comes on screen.

    1. RandomEnigma

      That’s what I mean, Flo Rida is a complete fad artist!

      He designs music completely for big sales as you just said!

      You say 90% of pop artists sing about the same thing but I disagree! While many artists do sing about sex and wealth, they tend to sing about more serious issues or if they do sing only about sex and money (e.g. Lady GaGa), they actually do so with talent and vary how they sing about it!

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