Florence absolutely storms the stage at Glastonbury

To add further to my coverage of the Glastonbury Festival, Florence + The Machine or rather Florence Welch gave some absolutely explosive performances there, even premiering some new material from her forthcoming sophomore album.

Strangeness And Charm is one of those new songs and Hell, I’m excited for it, even from hearing this live performance. The chorus is strangely addictive and I love the mixture of rock instrumentation with the typical classical instrumentation Florence is better known for. I know that the studio recording is just going to be absolutely EPIC! And I can’t wait for the follow up to her Platinum selling album Lungs.

Florence also gave her first live performance of Heavy In Your Arms, which can currently be found on the soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse which just shows how quickly Florence’s profile has risen. Hell, I had the choice to go and see her at Oxegen last year but sadly passed up on it seeing as she was only starting to get popular in the last year. I hear her performance skills have improved though since.

In the same video for Heavy In Your Arms, you can check out Flozzie’s one time only performance of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain. It was brilliant and Florence’s unique vocals really added a nice spin on the song.

The final video shows Florence’s performance of her smash hit Dog Days Over. The performance was truly iconic and emotional. It felt so powerful to see the enormous crowd bob up and down at Florence’s command as she carried off the song’s soaring vocals with aplomb. You can watch all four performances below. I think Florence was probably the highlight of the weekend…so far.


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