Forget Brit Pop – it’s Brit Horror Now

Paul Finch, successful horror story and book author, whose screen writing credits vary from The Bill to Doctor Who now has his finger in another pie. Not only has he had a second script, The Devil’s Rock made into a film, but it will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival market on 13th and 15th May, which opens the door to potential sales and also gives everyone at the festival a chance to see it.

The film featured in the French fantasy magazine L’Ecran [[]] which is worth a look, if only for the way it allows you to cyber-leaf through the pages using your mouse – the article on Paul’s film is on page 2.

Finch admits to being ‘pretty excited’ at the amount of promotion the film is receiving, which is a good indicator of the studio’s faith in its potential. He describes the plot: 

‘It takes us back to 1944 and tells the tale of an Allied commando raid in the Channel Islands on the eve of the Normandy invasion, which uncovers a Nazi plot to unleash demonic powers. I wrote the script over the winter of 2009/2010, and it was directed last summer by Paul Campion, who is already a veteran of such movie blockbusters as Lord Of The Rings andKing Kong, but who also won much praise for his acclaimed shorts, Night Of The Hell Hamsters and the multi-award winning Eel Girl.’

Post-production on The Devil’s Rock is nearing completion, so watch out for trailers.


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