BGT and X Factor Auditions - How Far did you get?

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BGT and The X Factor Auditions


I have a question for everyone here who has ever entered in the past, have any of you ever gotten through to the stage to sing in front of Simon Cowell and other judges and on the TV?


If so what was it like? The experience of it all?

How many auditions did you have to go through before reaching that stage?



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ive done both sets now and never got infront of the "real" judges.

tried 4 x factor 7-8yrs ago and didnt get past the 1st audition.

then again bk in march this yr, got thru the 1st 2 auditions and failed the 3rd, the exec producers audition.

i also did the voice this yr 4 the first time in sept, got thru the 1st audition but not the second.

and yest i did my 1st bgt audition, will find out feb time how that went.

all in all its stressfull but worth it lol, x factor is 1 audition on the 1st day, 2 on the second day and then on to the "real"(illusive lol) judges after months of waiting 4 a reply. the voice has three rounds too, so ive been informed. and bgt, tbh ive not the foggiest of how many rounds there are.

1 day i may get further an be able to answer ur question properly, but while no1 else has answered u yet, i thought id give u some feedbk at least :)

how far have u got b4? blimin tough init hun. all experience though :) xx

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Thanks for your info, you are only one so far that has answered, found this site and saw others talking of it, so thought would place question. I have entered both previous but never got through first round, I dont think its fair of people having to go through so many rounds before even reaching the real judges, as you notice when they appear they say, this is your first audition, but its not though, is it. The last time I went we waited around for 5hrs before being seen. I remember they filmed it as well. The producers and camera man. So going on what you say, there are like 3 auditions + before even reaching final audition. When I entered X Factor and BGT previous I never got past first rounds, I have only entered twice so far. the last time people were waiting out in the cold for 8hrs so I gave up and came home, no way I can stand around outside all those hours. Its like a cattle market.



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your v right it is like a cattle market, but thats how they fillter ppl thru. if an audition is on a cold day, i take a mini hot water bottle (poundland lol) and some heat pads, u know the sticky ones u put on ur clothes? well they help keep u warm for hours an makes the waiting easier 2 bare, oh an i find taking an ipod or a book is a gud idea 2 stop boredom :) and always a small brollie! even if its sunny coz if it rains suddenly ur covered, but likewise, if it gets too hot u can use it as a sun shade 2 stop u getting over heated :).

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how did it go lady writer??

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first sets ok with producers but dont think I got thru to 2nd, as went to watch it with judges in London at some acts to get an idea of what it would be like to be on stage, as the next round is done in front of live audiences now and not in that room no more. but then again bgt said they are still going thru some. sorry I dont get here much. even watching it at the theatre was good, some were excellent and some were just so bad they were hillarious. The tickets to go to watch are free.