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I decided I will start a new topic, the more topics the better.

Recently I bought from Bid UP TV a hand held steamer. I watched it advertised many times before deciding that it is exactly what I wanted. Tiles in my kitchen often get grubby with splashes from my pans and sometimes the bathroom sink or toilet could do with a good clean (not that I am an unclean person). I made up my mind that I was going to purchase the steamer that would do much of the work that I might be too lazy to carry out. The price went down to £11.99 with P&P at £7.99, in total £19.98. I had a bargain and could not wait for it to arrive. This was only last week. A friend happened to be visiting, having a coffee, when the delivery man arrived. I was so excited at the prospect of opening my parcel and explained to my friend what it was. "Oh David" he said, "I have being trying to sell one exactly the same for £10." He still had it and even went home to collect it so that I could see it was exatcly the same. I had thought about returning to Bid UP TV what I had just bought but then realised that it would cost me about £4 or £5 P&P. I bought the one from my friend and will use the one from Bid UP TV as a Christmas present.

Have you experienced any 'Sod Law' moments? I would love to hear about them.

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We do it the opposite way around, David - we get rid of stuff, then discover we need it a week later. I'm a notorious decluttrerer, so I throw things out if they don't look like they've been used in a while. It's usually a week or two later that the need for the thing arises again and we need to go out and buy a new one.

And thanks for starting a topic - I'm really grateful for that :)

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Great story Slaney, with a sort of decent outcome!

The Sod's Law that comes to mind for me (amongst many) is when I start to enjoy a TV series, and, even though it is first class, it gets cancelled, or filched by Sky.  I used to love Lost, then Sky filched it (I refuse to get Sky because I am seriously anti-Murdoch), I then got stuck into FlashForward, guess what? Yep, it got cancelled without closure in the final episode shown.  Do you remember Invasion?  Cancelled on a cliffhanger.  D'oh!  To add insult to injury, Reaper has now been cancelled, although at least there are still episodes to be shown, but it won't be the same.  I was going to watch The Event, but decided against it, just in case I get hooked.  Closer to home, dear old Heartbeat was cancelled, again without any closure.  Although, to be fair, it has had a helluva long run.  Programmes I am not interested in go on forever, it seems!  Just let them cancel Sean the Sheep!  There'll be trouble!

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Hello slaneyvalley,

Something is guaranteed to go wrong if I work hard for it.

When things work out I'm not prepared properly.

I have also experienced some of Gerards incidents.



Ageing tart

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Hey folks. I've been doing a bit of work to fix the notifications system here on Shout. It's been a bit crap lately!

Anyway, just to spark off the conversation - did any of you watch Celebrity Big Brother this year?  I know Rosie did - I saw her updates on Twitter. Good series? I think Channel 5 are doing a decent enough job with it!

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For me, Big Brother, especially the celebrity version, is the highlight of normally boring t.v. (apart from Homeland which I found excellent).  The people on the programme usually infuriate me but I can't wait to watch it each evening when it's on to see the lab rats being tormented by the tasks..they were really funny and well executed tasks this time. I was on holiday in Cornwall for the last week of Celebrity BB so I recorded them all and had a full day watching it all back...woe betide any member of my family who disturbs me, or even worse tells me who has won before I watch it..they all think I am mad to watch 'such trivia' I obsessed, I think I am!  So much so that I want to be on the show next time so I've just registered on the site..wish me luck!

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Sorry slaneyvalley if I hijacked your topic...I was responding to Gerard's question. :-)