Sorry, can't help it...

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...but I've finally got round to migrating from Unreality Forums and, seeing as this is the last season of Big Brother, I thought I'd shamelessly promote the book I wrote, based on BB.


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Hi John - glad to see you

Hi John - glad to see you finally followed us across from the old forum. I remember your book from before, but I can't remember what your old username was - can you remind me?

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I think I used to go by the

I think I used to go by the name of 'RenegadeH' although I could be wrong.  I'm finding this new site very strange and confusing (but I said that about Facebook once upon a time!).

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Hello The groke or RenegadeH,

I remember you from one or two forums. So here's wishing you all the best with your book and may the future look bright for you.



Ageing tart

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Thanks Maureen! I think I may

Thanks Maureen!

I think I may be the only person trying to find a way of getting Channel 4 to keep BB going...just so I can justify linking it to my book *blushes*

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We have lots of BB lovers here.

I Suppose if you love a thing you will do anything and everything to keep it on tv.

I'm not a lover of BB, I'm not a great football fan either despite coming from a city that is football mad.

I am computer mad and for the last week I have been ploughing through emails and files and things stored everywhere on my computer. Sadly having to delete things, save others and eventually free up some hard disc space.
This is because the computer slowed down around 10 days ago and drove me nuts.

Five minutes or more for a page to load. Ten minutes or more to even get on line. Crazy.

I think I'm learning to be technically minded whether I wanted to or not.

Bought a book with an ageist title, simply because its a good book. "Computing Made Easy For The Over 50's".

During this time of driving myself nuts I've gone and made a new friend of someone that is into computing for his living. Mm what shall I get him for his birthday ? ? ?

Must stop that line of thinking can't have anyone upsetting the status quo and encouraging me to stray.....

So in the meanwhile good luck to you all. Make some bucks the groke, and do yourself proud.

Ageing tart