The Voice UK 2013 Auditions - Open calls or invitation only?

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Hi everybody. I got an email from a reader the other day asking about the audition process for the UK version of The Voice.

Unfortunately, I'm not getting any information from the production at the moment. We're assuming that due to the success of the first series of The Voice, the BBC will almost certainly run another series in 2013. 

That said, we've also heard that the majority of auditionees are sourced from industry recommendations - professional backing singers, gigging singer/songwriters, etc - or from YouTube where they may be gaining a following. 

Can anybody shed any light on what the audition process is for The Voice in the UK?

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I auditioned for the first series of The Voice in Manchester..only 2 could be chosen out of each group of 10, unfortunately I wasn't one of the 2 but it hasn't stopped me from wanted to audition again!  I agreed with one of the people they chose but the other was out of tune and boring..neither of them got onto the programme!

You simply go to:-

and apply to audition for Series 2.  You have to have registered your intention to audition before the end of July..and it is definitely Invitation Only.  They will acknowledge your registration via email and then they contact you approximately 10 days before audition date to give you a time slot.  My husband, who drove me through to Manchester, was not allowed into the building and the process was a lot quicker than Britain's Got Talent.  Plus the queues looked a lot smaller as there were no 'hangers on' or family members.  

You went into the audition room with about 9 or 10 other people and you had to sing your song in front of the t.v. programme's producer and a vocal coach plus the other people who are also auditioning so if you are a bit on the nervous side maybe this process is not for you!  Me, however, I'm a born idiot so I didn't think I would care...until my legs started shaking, then my body and finally my voice so maybe not my best audition.  I will do better next time!  Good luck to anyone who goes for it.

p.s.  I only have one song/video up on Youtube and got my first comment after a whole year, so don't think I was one of the one's gaining a following :-)

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Quite right - I saw this on StarNow - the last date to submit your application is 28th July 2012. The official application can be done through this website.

Anyone else applying for this year's show?

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My daughter registered on the website and has just received an email today to say she's to turn up for the open auditions at 8.40am on the 31st August.

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Check out my 5 part X Factor journey on my blog Treble & Basics, I hope it helps you through your audition. Feel free to ask me any questions :D

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yep i aditioned yesterday in cardiff, v relaxed compared 2 other reality singing comps :)

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hi! i auditioned last year, progressed through the 1st, and second round and was handed a callback sheet, however i never recieved the callback.

this year i auditioned again, progressed through the 1st and 2nd again, but this time i had an additional 'stage C' which was basically a detailed interview with a producer. then was handed a callback sheet.

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does anyone know how long you sing the instumental - is it 1m 30sec. or is it the whole song... or til they stop you. is the instumental part in front of other contestants too or just the vocal coach and producer of BBC

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how long i meant 

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jake0807 do u mean the paper with the list of all the nxt audition dates on it?? an is it true that if they dont interview u, ur prob not thru??