X Factor UK Auditions 2012, Waiting for producer callbacks

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omg this waiting is killing me. i did cardiff an so still have up untill mid to late may 4 a reply but with the london callbks (2nd n 3rd auditions) finishing on friday then it cud start swner 4 sum. (i nievely thought they wud have been fin 2day but 4got it was a bank holiday. doh!) i thought it wud b great if like previous yrs we cud keep each other updated and encouraged not 2 give up hope EVEN IF we dont get the expected phone call or dreaded email. or worse no contact at all. horrible that they wud do that but in reality it happens. so keep us in the loop guys an GUD LUCK EVERY1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

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Hey hun! It's horrible

Hey hun! It's horrible waiting but try and keep yourself busy and distracted so that you don't think about it all the time [i know it's hard!] :)

I had my audition in London on saturday and have my re-call on Wednesday this week.. I was just wondering if you could go thru the days process with me so that I know what to expect?!! First time auditioning for X Factor before so am curious to know! xx 



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X Factor Cardiff Callbacks?

Hi all, can anybody who audtioned at Cardiff tell me if they have had there call back e mail or call yet please??

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Mobile auditions

I audition at the mobile and got call back same day. Along with about 30 lucky ones from 200 or so in wakey. I then got invited back to Liverpool to a third audition last Tuesday. And was in front of the main execs this was the round before Manchester live next week. I haven't received a phone call nor reject email but was told it was going to be in the next few days. There was only 10 people including my self that was in Liverpool. The third audition was with a backing tape and a 5 minute interview. I got through to the judges e few years ago. Any questions please reply.

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My daughter auditioned in

My daughter auditioned in Liverpool where the callbacks were really well organised. She didn't have to attend the first day of open auditions but from what I heard off other people the queuing that day was pretty much the same as everywhere else with hours of queing outside. There wasn't any of that at the call backs in Liverpool for us, we arrived at about 11am expecting to have to queue already for the 12pm call that Sophie had but were actually turned away by security and told there was no need to start queing it would be better for us to go and get a coffee and come back. By half eleven a queue was starting to form and we joined it about 11.40 doors opened at 12 and we were inside pretty much straight away.

Once through the door we had to join a queue according to the room number you were given the day before or there was another queue for people who didn't have a room number where you had to fill out the registration forms. The usual process followed going into the holding room waiting to be called through to audition. They asked the family and friends of auditionees to go outside for some filming. Sophie went through for the first audition about half 2 ish in this one you couldn't use a backing track but we had already been told that if you made it through to the next audition that you would be able to use a backing track in that one and that the second audition would be filmed. Then came back with her Red ticket which meant that we had to go through then to another holding room.

In here she was given a questionaire to fill out and had her photo taken then had to wait to be spoken to by a researcher where they asked more questions about the information in the questionaire she had filled out. After that she had to wait a little longer until she was called through to audition again, this time it was filmed and we were told that this one was in front of executive producers from Sony BMG and Talkback Thames. In this audition you were able to use backing tracks but someone had borrowed the cd player from the audition room that Sophie was in so they said she could sing without a backing track or they woulod find one for here. She wasn't actually bothered about singing with the track so chose to do without rather than go out and wait any longer. In both auditions she was asked to sing more than one song and got good feedback now we just have to wait and see.

The researcher that did Sophie's interview told her that when they decide who goes through to the next round they play her audition and someone will talk about what she told the researchers and what Sophie had written in her questionaire as they decide who goes through.

We left just before 7pm but there were still quite a few people waiting so probably best to be prepared for a long wait.

Good luck for your callback



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no probs hun

well u'll que 4 far less time on weds, bout an hour max it was 4 me in cardiff, they make u wait in lines that corrisponde 2 the letter on the top left of ur cakk bk sheet that u must take with u an ur release form. mine was c so stood in line c lol :) then they told us 2 go 2 the holding area. they greeted us once all were in the building and started calling out groups of 4-5 ppl from their lists at a time 2 go for the 1st audition of the day. i.e cud so an so and so and so from group c follow me.

they take u 2 a row of rooms with various judges in, 2 in each room (more producers an the like. v nice ppl. 1st room i had the guy who signed newton faulkner! he mentioned it after i told them 1 of my song choices was by nf) u either get a yes an given a RED slip or no an thats it 4 the day orrr u cud b like me an b sent 2 another room 4 a second oppinion. if u get a red slip u must then go 2 another holding area and fill out more paperwork an talk 2 the reaserchers, tip make urself seem as interesting as possible without looking a twat, it is a tv show after all lol. once all thats out of the way its onto the exec producers an they film it, again they will call u in small groups an this is the most important audition imho, sothrow ur nerves 2 ur feet hun an sing like uve never sung b4, damned worth the extra effort at that point eh! all the judges will ask u questions about u ur life and why u want 2 b on x factor. just remember its all 4 tv an talent gets refused over funny shite auditions v v offten so dont b dissheartend if u dont get thru this time as u cud b v talented but by the time they come 2 u they might have met their "quota" of talent 4 that day an just want the shite or funny auditions 2 fill out the show, so try try again as they say init :D hope u get thru, all the bast, keep us updated hun :) xx

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almost 4got,

even tho u dont que outside 4 hours its still a long day, got there at 7am as advised and didnt leave till 4.30 ish, so remember 2 take food drinks and smokes if ya smoke and yes u can go out 4 a fag after ur 1st audition, just let them know ur poping out so they dont think uve just left thru nerves :) xx

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soz the roberts clan

my comp is soo slow an i type even slower! didnt see ur post.


BTW any1 who got a star on their yellow slip, plz let us know so we get a gud idea of how many of us there were this yr! tanx guys! :)

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Thanks so much for your

Thanks so much for your advice and info guys, much appreciated!! Lorna - what is this about the stars on some yellow slips... I am worried as I really didn't look at my slip at all and then when I went to register to get my time slot for the recall, they took the gold slip in [without even glancing at it] and they kept it and in return gave me the sheets/release form etc. so i don't know if it had a star on it or not! what does it mean if it does/doesn't?xxx thanks! sorry for the questions!

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Am I to late??!

Hi all

I applied for Xfactor on Saturday 7th and submitted a video. Following the submission of my application the audition dates appeared, all which have passed!! Do you think I still have a chance of auditioning as I have posted a video? What are people's experiences??


Cheers guys x

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hay drama queen, i and 2 others got stars on our yellow slips, i was given my slip then called bk a min later an given a different 1 with a star on it. i probably wudnt have paid much attention 2 the slip if it wasnt 4 being called bk. so possibly there were more ppl who had them but just didnt see it. i had asked every1 bar the producers what it meant but no one seems 2 know an it must mean something otherwise why call me bk 2 exchange my original slip 4 that 1?? a fella called matt lynch on ere recons it cud b 4 more filming but who knows coz they didnt do any extra filming of me on the 2nd day buuuuttt all three of us who got stars went thru the 2nd audition soo i dunno. im hoping its cuz they think i got star quallity (i got about as much star quality as keith lemon lol) rather than " crap singer but entertaining 4 tv". wish i knew tho. have googled the shizz out of it 2 no avail lol. an dont worry ask away hun, helps keep my mind off of waithing :) gud luck hun :)



muldoon do u mean u didnt put ur vidio audition in untill the 7th of august????? if so then ye im soz but im pretty sure that as it was the last day of open auditions in london (baring callbks) that very day that uve missed the deadline buttt they dont start callbacks 4 london till 2moz thru 2 friday aaaandd if u have a successfull vid aud then they tell u 2 skip open auds an go straight into the call bks so keep ur phone close at hand an keep checking ur emails till friday is over hun. thats the only slim chance i think there is. reli hope u get a call. wud b a shame 2 miss out this yr. gud luck hun :)




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Thanks Lorna, sounds

Thanks Lorna, sounds interesting about the stars...will ask around tomorrow at my recall and see if anyone got them. I'm annoyed that I didn't look at my yellow slip more as now i'll never know if I had a star on it or not! :P you know when you went to register for your recall slot, did you hand the yellow slip in, or did you get to keep it? cos they took mine,

allllso, at the recall i know it says we can bring a backing track if we would like - however, I personally would rather NOT use one, would you say it's worth bringing one anyway incase they want to hear it with a track?

Thank you thank youuuu!!xx



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Thanks Lorna please have a

Thanks Lorna please have a listen and see what you think 


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up 2 u hun

i didnt take any bking tracks hun an if u cant get hold of 1 sumtimes they can find u 1. but tbh i dont think it matters either way, but idk lol an also they take every1s slips same as the red slips hun. not heared of any1 actually keeping 1 anyway :)

what time is ur slot 2moz? they had 3 diff slots in cardiff at 7am 12pm and 4.30pm. i was in the 7am slots :) hope u have an epic day 2moz, what r u singing? i sang all three of mine lol newton faulkner-dream catch me, cranberries-zombie, dido-so your with her. i did newton an the cranberries 4 my 1st aud, an again 4 my 2nd aud, then they asked if they cud get a 2nd oppinion with other judges in another room b4 i went 2 the exec producers 2 get filmed. i of course obliged and sang cranberries an dido. did dido 4 the camera but wish i had done 1 of the other 2now. lol what will b is what will b tho init :) theres always other shows lol :) oh an idk if u suffer with ur nerves (i did lol an usually so placid lol) but a gud visulisation technic i found was if ur nerves feel like their in ur throat to imagine the nerves as a solid stone (rather than the fluttery anoyance that they r) and imagine it sinking to ur feet, it helps 2 stop u having a wibbly voice, better 2 have nervous feet than a nervous throat i rekon lol. i joked with my mum that i thought it would only go to my stomach rather than my feet an she poked fun saying that if it went 2 my tum i wud puke with nerves, i told her i wud rather puke on a judge than sing badly lol :D ok on that note i'll leave lol. SUPER GUD LUCK 4 2MOZ AN KEEP US UPDATED HUN :) XX

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arrrghh so wanna listen but

i dont have a sound board on my comp an my phone wont upload youtube :( im sure its fab tho hun :) if i get a chance 2 get near another comp i will defo have a listen an give u feedbk hun :Dxx

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live audition dates given by the applause store

times r 4 dors oppening 2 audience so not entirely sure of times 4 arrival 4 auditions yet but here goes

glasgow 11th may 9.30 am + 2pm @secc glasgow

cardiff cia 15th may 9.30 am +2pm @cardiff cia

liverpool 23rd may 9.30am + 2pm @echo arena

manchester 5,6 +7th june 9.30am + 2pm @event city

newcastel 18th june 9.30am + 2pm @metroradio arena

london 26,28,29 +30th june 9.30am +2 pm @o2 arena

ok so now im officially bricking it an gunna ring them now :)

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Calls in a month

Did all my producer auditions. First at the o2 then at the Emirates. told me that calls will be made in a month. much shorter timespan than usual. Not that long to wait. good luck everyone.

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gud luck!

good luck hun :) let us know if u hear anything. fingers crossed 4 u! we were told in cardiff a month but a few of the crew said more like 6-9wks but then cardiff auds were bk at the 26th+27th march lol. hope i hear summin swn, feels like my heads gunna explode. keep skipping thru emotions of god i was shite, its gunna b fine stop stressing, and, omg how am i gunna cope if i get thru? lol blimin stupid mun :D cor its a roller coaster waiting lol :)

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be aware you can hear as late

be aware you can hear as late as 3 days before the audition if its a rejection and it can also be just a week before the audition if you get one so its a very long wait. Last year a lot of people werent ever informed it was a rejection and only knew as they'd not been contacted and it'd gone past the audition date.

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sooo wana hear 1 wayor the other at least u know :(

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dont 4get

that u mite not be called 2 go where u originaly auditioned so as long as the last audition date is still ahead of us theres still a chance.but i wish i knew now rather than later lol. thankfully i had read other posts on here straight after my 1st auds and saw that we would need 5 songs so ordered backing tracks online 2 practise with at home and got a new outfit ready just incase u know.


kirsty,when my backing tracks came thru they have a few sparse backing vocals. wuold this be allowed?? or should i re order some without backing vocals? im quite happy 2 sing without backing tracks all together but it may help 2 focus me on stage so just wanna double check whats allowed and whats not :)

ive got my fingers crossed 4 u M_coby!!!! :D

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id have thought sparse backing vocals would be ok

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thanx hun

thanx hun x

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thanx hun :)

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call back week

Hey guys I auditioned in Glasgow and got through all the rounds it has now been 3 weeks and 1 day since audition hope get the call soon xxx

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call back

Hey daisy - exact same situation here! Auditioned in Glasgow, got through all rounds and now waiting nervously for the phone to ring. I just wish I knew when it was going to go so I don't have to carry my phone around with me all freaking day lolx

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ye still waiting 2

yest was the 4 wk mark 4 me but finally got thru 2 the team on the phone and dunno if the guy was blagging 2 get me off the phone but apparently they only started calling the cardiff lot yest :) gud luck all :)

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Hey lorna what number did you

Hey lorna what number did you use to contact them ! i wonder if there making all  the calls in order of live show dates i.e start with glasgow , cardiff liverpool etc 


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was cardif not the week before Glasgow??? xxxx

lorna1983's picture

dunno tbh

daisy i aint got a clue what order the auds were in cept that london was last untill they announced another date soley 4 groups.

mo12 the number is 02076916000 its fermantels number (or how ever u spell it) just ask 4 the x factor team hun :)

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audition dates xxx

The following open X Factor auditions will be happening this spring:

3rd March – Liverpool Open Day – Echo Arena
4th March – Liverpool Call Backs – Echo Arena

10th March – Newcastle Open Day – Metro Arena

17th March – Manchester Open Day – Man Utd (Tbc)
18th March – Manchester Call Backs – Man Utd (Tbc)

26th March – Cardiff Open Day – Cardiff City Stadium
27th March – Cardiff Call Backs – Cardiff City Stadium

31st March – Glasgow Open Day – SECC
1st April – Glasgow Call Backs (tbc) – SECC

7th April – London Open Day – The 02
11th, 12th, 13th April – London Call Backs – Emirates

honestly have to say this has been the longest 4 weeks of my life hahahaha waiting wwaaiittiinngg................................. xxx

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Yes Daisy...the auditions were a week before Glasgow, however the live auditions in front of the celebrity judges mean that Cardiff is first:


Tuesday, 15 May


Wednesday, 23 May


Saturday, 26 May
Monday, 28 May
Tuesday, 29 May
Wednesday, 30 May


Tuesday, 5 June
Wednesday, 6 June
Thursday, 7 June


Monday, 11 June


Monday, 18 June

Which also means they will have to go through Liverpool, London and Manchester before they reach us Glasgow peeps. I hate the waiting game too...it's went it far too slow ;)

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yeh sorry daisy, i meant what

yeh sorry daisy, i meant what gazb had put. I wonder whether they go through the pohnecalls and getting in touch with people in order of the live audition shows as cardiff is like a month before glasgow and newcastle practically. Would make the moset sense giving people a decent amount of time to prepare.


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jst rang myself haha couldnt

jst rang myself haha couldnt resist the woman i spoke to said no calls for newcastle had gone out yet and that they would be done in the next few weeks ! so another long wait ! boooooo

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wonder if

wonder if i'll even be contacted at all, wud hate an email, but at least with an email i can accept it an worry about nxt ur instead, but not knowing anything wud suck big style! :(

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Gah....just had a missed call on my mobile from a private number-now gutted I didn't pick up in time. Wonder if it was them?!

daisyboo11's picture


GAZ noooo keep your phone next to you at all times lol even in the bath :) xx

gazb291's picture


I knowww right?! Even though it was probably a sales call or whatever - I'm guttttted I missed it. Now my phone will not be leaving my side. Ever. Lol.

lorna1983's picture

just in ur area or all over? will go look now

mite audition again with new songs!!! lol must not have been the talent they were looking 4 out there? orrr maybe not enough rubbish acts 2 fill the show out so they can do that emotional rollercoaster filming they revel in so much???

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You can't get through the

You can't get through the judges without a shortlist call, you need one of them even before you are considered for the tv ones, and they have finished most of them already. Auditions for the tv rounds start on the 15th of may so not long

lorna1983's picture

thats a shame :(

have u had a call yet matt? i wish i wud just get an email at least.

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Yeah i have a had a call for

Yeah i have a had a call for the manchester auditions and been shortlisted, and i have sent of my 5 songs to them so yeah looking pretty good for me

lorna1983's picture

whoop whoop!!!

fair play man!!! fingers crossed 4 ya! cor let us know how u get on hun, bet u'll do fine :)

mpsirwin's picture


Thts brilliant!! Glad someone has had a call, what did they say on the phone call? X 


lorna1983's picture


r u on fb? be interesting 2 have a posible mini celeb as a fb friend lol :)

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Well they just wanted to find

Well they just wanted to find out all about me and then asked me to select 5 songs for the tv auditions. So i chose my songs and now just waiting.


That was about 2 weeks ago and i only know one more person who has been shortlisted in manchester aswell so yeah, Looking good so far. you never know you may see me on the show

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Thank you! But people in

Thank you! But people in london might still have to wait because that is the last audition spot i think but who knows

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Liverpool Callbacks

Hello everyone,

I was just wandering if anyone has heard back from the producers regarding the Liverpool auditions and if they have been selected or not? Please let me know Ive been waiting since the 5th March (first open audition) and I'm getting really nervous!

Thanks for the help. 

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firstly WELL DONE MATT :) but

firstly WELL DONE MATT :) but I would give up hope guys just because 1 person on here has had a call.  I done my calculations wrong and its only been 3 weeks and 2 days since glasgow auditions so still plenty of time xxx

abc_homy_123's picture

I know it's been so nerve

I know it's been so nerve wrecking has anyone else been contacted yet? Or has anyone spoke to the team and know if they've started calling Liverpool contestants yet? 

Thanks for all the help everyone 

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Don't panic

I think your getting yourselves worried for no reason - I thought they phoned with a yes or a no. They have loads and loads of footage to get through, and although they have informed 1 or 2 of the cities auditions are taking place, they haven't gotten round to Glasgow yet. I got told that they aren't phoning Liverpool/Glasgow till the next few weeks. It's alright...chillax! (in saying this...I WISH THEY WOULD HURRY UP WITH THE BLOODY PHONE CALL!!!)

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Newcastle Auditioned

hiya everyone, I auditioned in Newcastle and passed all the rounds still waiting, so is everyone i kept in touch with that I met there, congrats to Matt just wondering what number was it you were called off? 

Mad they said on the day 2-4 weeks been nearly 7 now but still reading thru the posts they havent started the ncastle ones yet so fingers crossed everyone xxx

Why_Do_I_Put_Myself_Through_This_Over_And_Over_Again's picture

I went through this a few years back..

It was awful, I did X Factor in 2009 and was waiting for the phone call...back then the auditions were straight forward and they said if we hadnt heard by 4 weeks that was it. The days ticked past week 4 and I had officially given up, as sad as it was. (I was gutted!) In week 5 I got the shortlisted call and 2 days later I got confirmed for the show...about 4 days later was the actual audition. So you just NEVER KNOW!!!!

But my God, all I can remember is being glued to this website and talking to everyone else about waiting for the call, it's this forum that kept me going. But this time round it's not as easy to judge as when to "give up hope" cos they keep setting up more auditions, via facebook, via the mobile van...so it's very possible that they're holding off on the shortlist at the mo just in case they find loads more talent. Cos each shortlisted person has to be interviewed for about 15 mins on the phone and they keep calling you for more info, so to do that with loads of people... it's very time consuming...they can only REALISTICALLY do that with the people they are serious about shortlisting

I think basically if you havent heard ANYTHING 5 days prior to your city's first audition date it's really disappointing but it will be a no. And they more than likely wont be asking you to go to another city to audition at a later date cos they will have gone through all your city's audition tapes and shortlisted you either way.

But dont worry, we're all still in the running at this stage...it aint over till it's over!

Incidentally, for this reason (the self torture) I'm not allowing myself to enter XF or BGT ever again. I can't take it and it mkes everything else I'm doing in my life seem dull in comparison, even the really exciting projects and auditions. THE GLITZY ALLURE OF REALITY TV IS EVIL! ;) xxxxx

gazb291's picture

Well said

I completely agree Why_Do_I - Well said!! All I've been thinking about since getting 'put in for review' has been X Factor...and everything that comes with it - and nothing I seem to be doing at the moment seems even remotely as exciting as it would be to appear on the show. A massive congratulations to you for getting through to see the judges in 2009 - may I ask how much further you got? Are you Alexandra Burke?? Lol

Why_Do_I_Put_Myself_Through_This_Over_And_Over_Again's picture

Glad I'm not the only one fantasizing..!!

Yeah I can't help but have these mini fantasies of rocking it at Bootcamp (yes I get through to bootcamp in my fantasy!! haha) And unfortunately my last audition fell a little flat, I wasnt bad (thank god) but I wasnt AMAZING which is what you need to go through at that stage...so I got 4 very apologetic "no"s! haha! They didnt rip into me or tear me to pieces, didnt say anything bad at all in fact, just simply 4 nos...which was a bit of an anti-climax...all that bloody angst for just a simple "thanks but no!" haha. It's my own fault, i sang a song no one had ever even heard of, sang it a capella...and tried to be all "funny and myself" and of course when you "try" to be yourself it just comes across as forced and fake...so my advice to those who DO get through, don't try and plan what you will say or how you will react if they ask you a certain question, just go with how you feel at the time and they will like you for it!! And sing a bloody song they have heard of!!! Sing it with music and just give an all out performance, dont hold anything back or you'll regret not doing it!!!

Ha, all sound great in theory...!!! Just hope I get to put it into practise this time and right the wrong from a few years back... feel it was such a wasted opportunity I just threw away.. but then they DID only give me a few days notice to find a sodding backing track (with no backing vocals on it, that was what I found limiting!) Be prepared to go on at a days notice, that's my other advice!!! ;) xxx

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Mobile auditions

I can't help but feel the mobile auditions are ruining our chances this year - so many more people will come along and try out, meaning the producers wil be spending way more time looking at the videos they make - and we'll have to wait for ages and ages to get our call back (at the end of the day - what would be the point in the mobile auditions if they were going to fill up all the spaces for the celeb judges with just the people from the open auditions.) It's a nightmare!!! Lol.

Why_Do_I_Put_Myself_Through_This_Over_And_Over_Again's picture

They obviously haven't found what they're looking for...

Yep they clearly arent impressed with the talent they have found from the auditions already or else they wouldnt keep doing facebook auditions and mobile auditions... :(

I guess they also just dont want to miss out on anyone special by limiting applications to the big city open auditions...

Well thought you'd want to know that I just called one of the producers, can't go into detail about why this is relaible and I wasnt being fobbed off as I don't want to jeopardise my own place in the comp but they are STILL REVIEWING LONDON TAPES and it doesn't mean you are out of the running if you havent had a call from the LONDON auditions yet. Said it could still be another 2 weeks. (Sorry I didnt ask about any other venue.) But this wasnt just a line...wish i could reassure you by explaining but I can't. So hope that puts a few London auditonees minds to rest.

And let's try not worry too much about all these extra auditions - we stood out from THOUSANDS at the open auditions and the call backs...if we've really got the X Factor we will also stand out from the new people auditioning too! :) Xxx

Why_Do_I_Put_Myself_Through_This_Over_And_Over_Again's picture


Sorry forgot to answer, soneone asked how you get into the celeb judges auditions. You turn up and they have your name and your application and they have all seen your audition tapes and yep they just know you!!! And yes of course you take ID etc. But there would be no way at all anyone could pretend they were meant to be there when they werent. It's the filming of a TV show and the 20 auditionees at that stage are essentially seen as the cast! They are expecting you...no secret password needed! haha ;) xx 

Why_Do_I_Put_Myself_Through_This_Over_And_Over_Again's picture


I didnt mean to poopoo anyone's talent by saying they clearly arent impressed with who they've found so far..but you know how set up these shows are, they know what they are looking for each year and I meant they clearly haven't foudn those types of singers/ characters/ styles that they are looking to fill! 

Maybe they still haven't found their Kitty/ Cher/ Katie Waissel! There always has to be one in every show!!! ;) xx

S.Mariexx's picture

manchester auditions?

Does anyone know anything about whether or not they have stopped reviewing the Manchester tapes?

Tuck3r's picture

Cardiff producer phonecalls

Anyone heard anything that auditioned in cardiff? please let me know going mad here lol!

lorna1983's picture

spoke 2 the team

an apparently they only started doing cardiff on monday but as i stated b4 that cuda just been them blagging 2 get me off the phone lol. ive not heared nowt an dunno bout any1 else in cardiff auds tho

daisyboo11's picture

mobile auditions

think me and my girls are def gonna go down to the mobile auditions even though we have gotten this far they might see how much we want it!! well heres hoping haha xx

abc_homy_123's picture

So they've finished the

So they've finished the Liverpool callbacks? 

The Roberts Clan's picture

I've just spoken to them

I've just spoken to them about the Liverpool callbacks and apparently they expect them to be finished in the next two weeks. So still a little while to go yet.


The Roberts Clan's picture

I've just spoken to them

I've just spoken to them about the Liverpool callbacks and apparently they expect them to be finished in the next two weeks. So still a little while to go yet.


lorna1983's picture


give them a ring hun, not sure if they have finished any of the callbks yet but talking 2 them might clarify things. 02076916000 :)

mo12's picture

yeh give them a ring for

yeh give them a ring for clarity i spoke to them yesterday and they where very polite and said for where i auditioned in newcastle no call backs had been made ! whether thats due to more open auditions or dates of the actual newcastle judges shwo i dunoo !

mo12's picture

yeh give them a ring for

yeh give them a ring for clarity i spoke to them yesterday and they where very polite and said for where i auditioned in newcastle no call backs had been made ! whether thats due to more open auditions or dates of the actual newcastle judges shwo i dunoo !

gazb291's picture


I'm so pleased to have found this forum to chat to other people and get first hand information on the call-backs. I hate being 'in review' !! Lol. Out of curiousity - did anyone do any 'extra' filming at their audition?! We were taken to a 'cafe' (I'm in a duo) and given coffee (and magazines as props) and were mic'd up. We then had someone else auditioning come over to ask us questions (how we were feeling etc) and then got taken outside in the 'fake que' and also mic'd up there and had to chat about how we were feeling - it was a bit strange, but enjoyed it none the less. I'm now going stir crazy thinking that the phone could go any minute with an answer - I really would love this to happen :) Good luck again to all xxx

Why_Do_I_Put_Myself_Through_This_Over_And_Over_Again's picture

Yes I was filmed!

I was in London and had my last producer audition and they called me back as I started to leave and asked to film me "getting ready" as though I was about to go audition for the judges! So that was a good sign...I like to think (I did the show back in 2009 and never got asked to film things, i was always jealous of the people who were asked to film, haha!) Huh, still hasnt stopped me torturing myself thinking "I've probably not been picked!" Thing is my style is soooo different they will either love it for the show cos it IS so different or will think it's not right for the show COS it's so different...could go either way!!! Eeek! 

But I'm thinking the lack of call back news and fact they are still auditioning roudn the country probably means we still have a few weeks of call backs yet...so yeah, I'm pretty sure we're all still in the running. Cardiff even, cos you have over 2 weeks till the 15th! xxx

gazb291's picture


P.S - again I would like to stress the fact that I'm sure they haven't finished 'call backs' for any city at all. Do not worry if you haven't heard anything - there is still plenty of time!!

abc_homy_123's picture

Has anyone else had a

Has anyone else had a callback yet?

Tuck3r's picture


The worst thing is from reading older x factor forums even if people who auditioned in cardiff dont hear anything by the 15th may (judges live audition date) then the wait is still not over till you get a deffinate NO as you could be asked to go to manchester or london or liverpool instead! i just wanna know :(


missamybx's picture

this bus...

I went to the Newcastle auditions and Im from Carlisle only to find out now that the bus is coming to carlisle, there are no call back days for the buses either?? wonder if they just say ther and then, the process is nothing like what we did?

Is this just to find some more funny ones for tv purposes do u think?

Praying for this callllll :) xxxx

MattLynch's picture

All you people are thinking

All you people are thinking about it way too much, You have to get into your head that it is a TV show and they need a cast/characters. So that is what they are looking for they need different personalitys etc... Obviously there has to be good voices but more personality.


Shortlist calls for manchester are finished as far as i am aware, i only know one person as well as me who has been shortlisted in manchester and they only shortlist people who they are interested in and want to film loads of the actual audition days

daisyboo11's picture

Has someone from xfactor told

Has someone from xfactor told you that the calls are over?

MattLynch's picture

No, but think about it... The

No, but think about it... The very first auditions start in just over 2 weeks, they will need to have every audition venue and every auditionee sorted in the next week or so or if not it is already done.

For people who have auditions in cardiff for example they will either already know or will find out in the next week

but with the people with later auditions for example Manchester, Like me... I got shortlisted 2/3 weeks ago etc but they won't tell me i am in in yet because it is far too soon, they will probably give me a call around mid-late may

gazb291's picture


So am I correct in saying that the call I'm so desperately waiting on will not give me a definite 'yes' or 'no' as to whether or not I'm going in front of the judges? I'm going to be told if I'm 'shortlisted' and then have to wait ages for yet another call to finally give me an answer? Gah - what a horrible waiting game :(


P.S - Has anyone else noticed on Applause Store that the only venue that seems to be doing a night-time slot as well as a day time slot is Glasgow?

gazb291's picture


Have to slightly disagree with MattLynch - mobile auditions are going on up and down the country (and have just started!) so why would they bother doing this if they have already filled up all the spaces for Manchester, Cardiff etc etc.

daisyboo11's picture

I totally agree unless

I totally agree unless someone gets offically told that the call backs are over dont give up hope guys xx

A girl I know was filmed and everything just like you Matt they gave her a no in the last audition and then went running after her asking if she really wanted it then put her through and she is still waiting on a call aswell x

MattLynch's picture

People can still get a call

People can still get a call saying they are in... BUT people that are shortlisted are focused on more, more interested in and wan to do more filming on you so i was told. And the mobile auditions are for groups... When i got called by the researcher they said they are 20 people over what they need for the manchester tv auditions and need to cut it down so there is already more people than they need

daisyboo11's picture

the mobile auditions are for

the mobile auditions are for everyone.  they put a call out for groups to audition on facebook.  I am in a group so took special notice of that one lol x

gazb291's picture


Ya...the mobile auditions are for everyone. I also don't think you have to be shortlisted to be focussed on - at my audition (I'm in a duo) we were taken after our 'yes' and put in the main solo que to 'chat' - then the next day we were taken to a cafe in the SECC, given magazines and coffee - mic'd up and told to chat about our experiences, we were then taken outside to a 'fake que' and made to chat in there...we then got interviewed and filmed outside the SECC with Glasgow city centre in the background - so it just depends I guess :)

daisyboo11's picture

i probs met u gaz hahahaha

i probs met u gaz hahahaha xxx

MattLynch's picture

They don't do any proper

They don't do any proper fillming with anyone on the open days, there is no point. The only time they do filim for individuals is one the actual audition days

MattLynch's picture

A friend of mine that i know

A friend of mine that i know also got a shortlist call, anyway i am going to go now I am not having a debate over x-factor etc

lorna1983's picture

rubbish matt

soz but gotta totaly dissagree with what u just said about filming, there was a lot of individual filming done in cardiff on the open day an call bk day.

gazb291's picture


I'm afraid your facts are wrong Matt....they did plenty and plenty of 'proper' filming on the open days - like I said. Cafe, fake que, outside etc etc.

Why_Do_I_Put_Myself_Through_This_Over_And_Over_Again's picture


I know it's hard not to get a little smug when you get the shortlisted call as it's so exciting and you feel very special...but try not to poopoo everyone else stil agonising over getting the call and patronizingly telling them they're over thinking it. Also don't presume to know the workings behind the X Factor production team, how the select people what it means when they call someone first and not the other, why they're still auditioning etc

I mean Matt says he got his shortlist call 2 weeks ago and I started to feel bad as though that must mean something about me..then i realised...I hadnt even bleedin auditioned 2 weeks ago!  haha

This forum IS here for debates and also to support each other, but let's not try and make others feel jealous of the way we got treated at the auditions! I mean you dn't see me bragging about how or who invited me to the auditions in the first place, because regardless I am now still in the same boat as everyone else.

Come on guys, let's not try to make each other feel bad. Good luck to those shortlisted already, to those who are about to get told they're shortlisted and to those who get the actual call to say they're on the show. Xxx

abc_homy_123's picture

Hello M_Coby Was that info

Hello M_Coby

Was that info just about the Manchester auditions that they won't be finishing callbacks till 3 weeks or for all the cities? Btw if anyone hears anything about the Liverpool auditions please let me know been waiting for nearly 8 weeks now but I'm still not giving up hope.