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    I read recently that our soaps are losing viewers.

    There are many reasons given for the loss of viewers and here is just a few of them.

    1. The screen writers have written out to many popular strong characters leaving the casts weak.
    2. The screen writers have brought in characters whom audiences find it difficult to accept as part of the new cast replacements for strong characters written out.
    3. The story lines are becoming to complicated, you need 10 degrees to understand them.
    4. Story lines are being dragged out or are inappropriate.
    5. Story lines do not represent reality for similar neighbourhoods in Britain.

    Can you see any of these critiques as being apt for your favourite soap?

    I know I can.

    Coronation Street was my favourite soap, but I’m afraid the story lines surround the character of John Stape alias Colin Fishwick really has browned me off. Also found the number of intricate story lines for this one small street in Manchester was a bit much. A more apt description could be criminal crescent and convict row.

    What do you think?


    Ageing tart 





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