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    Okay so on sunday, november 27th,  i went to BGT auditions for the 4th time, I wasn’t going to attend but they called me up a week prior and pretty much forced me into it because they sounded so desperate on the phone.
    I got to the echo arena for about 3.40pm for my audition time at 4pm.. the queue was quite big but not as big as you’d expect it to be.
    anyway, an hour down the line and im all processed in with my sticker on sitting in the holding area. I took my guitar along, since i was going on my own I needed to keep my hands busy, was fun in the holding room, my zone area leader kept coming over telling me to do songs to get everyone going ^_^

    anyway, i was up to audition so i packed my guitar away, took out the CD i was using with the backing track on, just over hearing the guy on the mic saying ” we want to get through this as quickly as possible so don’t waste time!”

    i queued up to audition, for about 20 minutes, it probably would have been quicker, but the girl taking pictures of the contestants kept taking pictures of me saying they were blurry :S
    so after a wait of a few acts, i was up, i walked into one of the biggest rooms I’ve ever been in, ever.
    i walked in and went “WOAH ITS MASSIVE IN HERE”
    and everything the guy was saying to me and asking me, i kept making him and the girl behind the camera laugh so much, i must have been in there atleast 7-10 minutes before i even started singing. i handed him the CD and sung kiss from a rose by seal which he actually commented on, he said – ” that was brilliant, i really enjoyed that, i love the way you didn’t just come in here and sing, you came in and gave a real performance, loved it!”
    then asked me why i have my guitar and what other styles i do, so i explained that i do acoustic pop/rnb, (after singing basically the whole of kiss from a rose) he smiles and says, ” go get your guitar!” i was so confused because i thought its only supposed to be a verse and a chorus of one song .. but i got it out and had no idea what to do, i stood there and tuned it at sonic speed apologizing and he was saying ” take your time its okay ” tuned it in and done my Jessie J/Usher mashup – Do it like OMG. and again, he said the same thing, that he really enjoyed it and he was well impressed by hearing the two different sound styles. i must have been in that room for atleast 15-20 minutes, after that he asked me a few more questions and i was leaving. as i was packing my guitar away, he said ” remember, people have auditioned 2-3 times and come back and won it “

    and then i left, it was by far the best audition of my life!


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