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    I tuned into Big Brother last night and caught some of the Ignore The Obvious task – it’s where random people walk into the house and do stuff to annoy or irritate the housemates, and if the housemates want to pass the task, they have to totally ignore what’s going on around them.

    For instance, a troup of zombies invaded the bedroom at night, really getting into the housemates’ faces, an estate agent took a couple through the house, intending to sell it to them and Lisa tells me they had strippers grinding right in front of housemates’ faces.

    The best one was Corin, who got called to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. You could see the despair on her face when she registered a man with a tray full of custard pies. She made a terrible job of ignoring him, flinching every time the guy moved. And the cutting was particularly good – they’d cut to something that was going on in the house, cut back and Corin was covered in even more cream.

    And the guys didn’t make it easy for the estate agent either, they’d been playing a game of catch in the garden earlier and they resumed the game, throwing the ball violently over the heads of the man and his guests. I was in stitches, knowing that they were failing, but loving the fact that they were failing with style!

    What do you think – is the Ignore The Obvious task the best Big Brother task ever?

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