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    Hi, my name is Claire, and I’m looking for a buddy to take part in the next series of The Biggest Loser… The person I’m looking for must have more than 4 stone to lose (show rules) and from what I’ve seen, they must weigh 15st or more, but what’s most important is that they must be determined & committed to wanting to lose the weight… This show I’ve been wanting to apply for for the past 2 series, as I’ve got a problem with my weight thats been blighting my life for as long as I can remember, tried all the diets under the sun, slimming pills, you name it, I’ve tried it, nothing so far has worked for me, but I’ve never had anybody to partner up with…. Preferably looking for a female buddy, as  I don’t think they allow male & female partnerships to take part, unless they’re couples or husband & wife, the minimum age limit is 18, with the maximum age limit being 50.


    They will want both people to answer questions about one another, so someone who lives fairly close to Leicester, so we could meet up make friends with one another and learn more about each others lives, & also fill in the dual appliction form together. If we were successful in applying to the show, 1st they would call u for a little 10 min telephone interview, asking questions about you, why u want to be on the show, how committed are u to wanting to lose the weight, ect, and when thats done, they then invite both of us down to a meeting in London, where they put u through a series of interview questions, including a psycological test, to see if u are mentally strong enough to be able to take part, then another chat at the end, just clarification of how tough it will be if u get thru… If we were to be selected to go into the house, they will let us know 5 days before we actually go, so my buddy would have to be prepared to drop everything at last minute, depending on how long we’d last in the house, the living in the biggest loser house lasts between 1 & 8 weeks would maybe suit a housewife/mum, but the prize for winning the show is £25,000. I really need to tackle this problem now before it gets any worse, so if u have a desire to get fit and also tackle a weight problem thats been ruining ur life, inbox me on unreality shout, or add & inbox me on facebook, with my name being Claire Davenhall. Many thanks people. Claire 🙂

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