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    Ok, so first I just want to thank you all in advance for taking the time to stop by this page… This is a thread I’m posting because I’ve had many people contact me, saying they want The Biggest Loser UK  revived, after ITV axed it last year. I’ve had many people get in touch with me, saying that they loved the show, it was the highlight of their week, & some getting in touch saying that they feel like a lifeline has been taken away from them (with the view of applying for the show, after having tried everything to lose weight, this was their last lifeline) I’m in 100% agreement with these people, it is a lifeline that has been cruelly snatched away, so I’m launching this petition page with the view of having close to 3-5000 people sign their names up to see the show brought back to our screens… If we want the show to be relaunched, ITV & SHINE Productions need to see how serious we are about wanting it to return, so the more people sign, the better,, spread the word, get people u know to pass on to folk they know, & sign up if u want to see this amazing lifechanging show to be brought back to us…

    In my opinion, the whole reason that people watched the show, was so that they could go on a journey with these people, to watch these guys lives being transformed, but more than that, people watched it because if the one & only Angie Dowds… God rest her soul… She was a tough taskmaster, but she also had a softer side to her as well, one which was rarely displayed for the cameras, but it was there…. Just ask Paddy Cunningham, he went through many ups & downs whilst training on Angies black team on the show in 2011, but he battled through & won his way to the other side, Angie there with him every step of the way, to take place of runner up for that year… Which brings me to my next point… If we are to get our show revived, the trainers have to be just right, a blend of people, who have the passion & drive to help these people achieve their goals… I think the training team should consist of 2 of last years trainers, Richard Callender, & Charlotte Ord, but to fly the flag high for the black team, since Angie can’t be here to do it herself, the one & only Paddy Cunningham! He would be a perfect addition to the team, because he’s been in the place that these people would be starting out on, he’s been over 21st, & he knows exactly how they feel! Since his time on the show, Paddy has managed to keep his weight steady, & build a hugely successful career as a personal trainer, back home in Sligo, Ireland, & like I said, he has the ability to be a tough taskmaster, but he had a empathetic/softer side too, just like Angie did. It’d be the perfect tribute to her, with it coming up to the second anniversary of her passing… If all you’s people want to see this amazing show back on our screens, leave a comment below with your full name, & also send me an email with you name & phone number or a text message on 07707 032 040 again with your name & phone number, so I can compile a list of the people that want to see the show make a comeback, & fire it off in an email to SHINE Productions (reason I’m asking for phone numbers is so that they don’t think I’ve just made a load of random names up, & they can contact you if needs be. If they see there’s a demands for it, they may just take us seriously. Many thanks for taking the time to read my post, & leave your name below, drop me a text or email if you want to see this much loved show return! Claire 🙂 xx

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