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    Yes Britain has got talent, indeed it does. It tells me when journalist are not interested it is because they have been paid or bias. Myself and my stage partner are left in the gutter along with other poor contestants that was given false hope. In our case it is the principle of the matter, we loved by the producers,crew and our friends and family. We meet Steven Mickyman who told us you will get three yes’s, er we did not. Now it seems it was a twisted wind up that ended up with my stage partner attempting suicide, I started smoking and both reclusive…okay you guys must think pathetic…well is it really? when you hand made your costume, and spent eight hundred pounds on akeytar and recieved call from the BGT saying your on but can not tell you when and we told everyone so yes we had our hopes on some exposure. We meet the three sitting monkeys who never said about my custome or our act just slagged his job off and that was it. The bold producer then took the micky out of our song, I was close to tears and then realise that the world is cruel and not everyone can be a darling like me. The judges were thunder faces, apart from Si, he is my favourite but I do have nick names Mr.smarmy, Mrs sour and Mr. stuborn Pants. We were told we would be on website which we are not and recieved calls. I was going to take my dog Toto next year but not now, I can,t go out as I get stress from people asking why? No sorry letter from producers just do not want to touch us, well the message is do not keep people hopes up, cos my stagepartner could of died. Fair enough if you did not phone us, or say on the day we get you two on tv your funny oh and website, I tend to find that rather sick. My dad got heart problems and croans and was looking foward to see his daugter on TV before he goes. So yes we are human and upset, but we do wish the acts the best. I knew we would not get through but hoped for a little exposure which is odd why we did not? I just look really ill  I stopped smoking,drinking and changed my life around and was ready to appear on TV, I really do not understand why they did this, hopefully I will eat soon as I  keep being sick.But I love you all no matter how evil some people can be 🙁                  Thankyou for message’s and surport….its ironic I am more depressed them ever, I just feel limited where I live and I want to get to a city where the audition are loud. Infact in the show world  you get knock backs, but I can’t hang out with people that drink Detol, I think the maths is ditch the nutters and take up posstive workshops . Men…..well erm where do I start, the violin music commence a man that gives me carers as I can’t eat toast all my life, can I? I don’t really like rich men as they are pariond about their woman, Paris or apper I choose apple. I need to get my head fixed first. Maybe I need a man to take the lead and have children (scary) because I have worked with lots of children and they love me, I just want a career then man then marriage(which I have let men down, I run a mile) then kids but a mother has to take the lead more with kids and can,t let them down and be too selfish.

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