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    The filming for the initial TV buzzer round kicks off in Manchester on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st, and then moves to Blackpool on Tuesday 22nd (two filming sessions per day – 1pm and 6pm at both locations, approximately 15 to 20 acts per session depending upon set-up/performance timings etc). Also, on Sunday 22nd is the ‘open’ audition day at the Oval in London with video submissions now up and running on youtube as well:

    More dates/information etc, to follow very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    Finally, just to recap on a few things. The sort of acts they’re looking for again include the wacky, obscure and totally original (i.e. Signature, Stavros Flatley, Strike, Spellbound and Steven Hall etc), individuals whose background, image and persona defy their talent (i.e. Paul Potts, Susan Boyle and Michael Collings etc), the more edgy dance troupes (i.e. Diversity, Nemesis, Peridot and Two and a Half Men etc), children with a precoscious talent (i.e. George Sampson and Faryl Smith etc), animal acts (Kate & Jin and Tina & Chandi etc – Simon Cowell would love to discover the next Lassie by the way) and novelty acts (i.e. belly dancing/acrobatic pensioners LOL).

    Furthermore, if you believe you have something that will create a major talking point amongst the viewing masses (as well as capture the attention of the national media), then you have an excellent chance of making it onto the show if the production team are of the same opinion also! Incidentally, what they’re not looking for are normal run-of-the mill singers, popstar wannabees and tribute acts (the only exception to this is if you have a gimmick that places you firmly in the ‘novelty’ category).

    Finally, for those that attended the nationwide auditions recently, if you’ve not heard anything by the time they come to film at your location, then you’ve not been successful on this occasion. Furthermore, for those that have been notified they are currently on the shortlist (Manchester and Blackpool acts would have certainly been contacted about this by now), then once again, this is no guarantee you will get onto the show (it’s just a casting directory so to speak), so it’s best to wait until they have been in touch again to give you the green light before you start celebrating. Incidentally, more often than not, the line-up for each location doesn’t get properly finalised until a few days before filming starts, to enable them to give acts that have been spotted just prior to then, a place on the show (this includes acts that have been discovered by way of the youtube auditions and anyone that fits the brief/format that turns up in London on the 22nd). Therefore, if you are still waiting to hear, then don’t give up hope just yet!

    Anyway, I hope all that helps and good luck to all those that have auditioned already or who are about to audition via the open day in London, or on youtube ๐Ÿ™‚

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