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    I don’t think I have enough for a full post on this topic, but I’m of the opinion that Christina Aguilera’s music career may have hit the skids.

    We’ve grumbled on here already about how her Not Myself Tonight video was far too sexual and reeked of the desperation of an artist to remain edgy and shocking and relevant. I’ve read reviews that have panned her for this, and also performances of the American national anthem.

    I’ve got to say, I was a fan of Aguilera’s for her first two albums – starting off as a cute American teen with an enviable voice, then taking a change in direction to the more mature and rockier sounds of Stripped. Her first mis-step for me was the Back To Basics album, in which she shelved what I thought was a genuine darker image for something that felt artificial. The songs remained fun – in retrospect, I probably enjoyed most of the singles. Still, it felt like she couldn’t settle on an image for herself, and there was no cohesion across her albums, which I feel is important.

    Sometimes with an artist, it’s important to be able to see the development of their sound. And with Christina, she was making big, abrupt and unpredictable changes in her image and music that left me confused about her. Even with Madonna, we could kind of see a progression. Christina went from being Britney to being Pink to being Marilyn Monroe to being Lady Gaga. It just doesn’t work for me.

    After reading almost universal critical panning, I still see articles about Aguilera popping up almost every day. It’s clear the huge marketing machine is still trying to salvage her latest album, but with a cancelled tour and lukewarm response to her music, is it all falling on deaf ears? Or am I waaaay of base here?

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