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    I don’t often watch Coronation Street anymore, but I’m glad I tuned in for Jack Duckworth’s death tonight. It wasn’t an overblown affair by any means, but it was slightly surreal to see Liz Dawn return as Vera Duckworth to guide Jack on. 

    There was something distinctly touching about Bill Tarmey’s exit from Corrie tonight. It was one of those rare occasions that a character most of us grew up watching grew old in front of our eyes and passed away on screen. I’d say that anyone who’s ever lost a parent will have welled up at those final scenes – Jack putting on a record and relaxing in his chair, only to be visited by Vera.

    He seemed to know exactly what was happening, and he asked Vera if she’d come to take him away. I especially loved how the camera panned up through the house – clearly they were trying to evoke his spirit leaving his body and floating up through the living room, through the bedroom and up above the cobbles. It may well have been one of the most moving moments on the show – it’ll definitely be replayed in retrospectives for years to come.

    And finally, I loved Audrey’s very smart remark about how strange it was to have so many people about just for a 74th birthday party!

    Bill Tarmey, we salute you for your many many years of service on Coronation Street. Jack’s one of those characters that we’ve laughed and cried along with over the years, but it was nice to see the character get a proper death scene. Brought back memories of Bryan Mosely and Johnny Briggs getting to see their characters off on the show.

    Well done.

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