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    I have always loved good old Coronation Street, but what a lovely surprise the first episode was televised tonight from 1960, I can hardly believe it.

    That was two years before I was born. My god that makes you aware of age. Of the Characters the only one I recognised was Ken, Ken Barlow: he was young and slim. Although I don’t think he was recognisable from the way he looked, but more from his distinctive speaking voice. Yet even in this first episode, Ken appears to be a ladies man. I wonder what happened to Susan?

    Another screening is going to take place on the 14th of December from this original 1960’s soap. Maybe that will tell us what happened to Susan or maybe not, and instead more characters will appear that have been part of the series, in more modern times.

    What was interesting about it, is that the TV company didn’t add colour to it, so what you saw tonight was in Black and white, just like the old tv sets of the originator Mr Baird.  Black and White and would you believe it, I still have a working black and white tv. In fact if it weren’t for the visitors to my home preferring colour tv, I’d place the Black and White tv in the lounge and the colour in the bedroom. The picture quality on my Black and White tv is better than my colour tv, but for some reason people still prefer the more modern sets even if they are inferior. Or maybe that’s a tuning fault or ariel problem I have.

    Enough about tv sets, I wonder if the television company intend to screen the whole of Coronation street from the 1960’s, they could do, late on for anyone interested in Nostalgia?

    So tonight, I heard from Character’s I’d almost forgotten: Ena Sharples, Elsie Tanner and one or two others, and I found myself comparing Characters to the modern ones from today.

    Whilst watching tonights Coronation Street programmes, it makes you realise exactly why these programmes became an integral part of everyone’s life. They appear real but are unreal. They draw you into a character so you can emphathise with that character, almost like reading a good book, where you picture yourself in the setting.

    I suppose the days of the politically austere 1940’s and 1950’s leading up to the 1960’s saw almost the end of the social comradarie of people having a cuppa in each others homes or looking after each others kids, or just dropping in for a chat. Yet the revival of this first series brings that exactly back to you, I’m almost expecting to see someone ask for a cup of sugar or a jug of milk from a neighbour and the neighbour gladly accommodating the request. From over the wall of these artisan terraces, which had no part in the homes fit for heros, defiant of modernisation, these terraces were the roots of working class solidarity.

    In villages and close knit comunitites the level of social integration and coping systems was very different to that of those on the cobbles, as the changes brought about through new found wealth and possessions of the 1970’s brought in the arrival of the more insular generation. Yet seeeing the social comradarie of what was, is reminiscent heaven of an age past, but not forgotten.

    What do you think?


    Ageing tart


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