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    Nicola is never likely to win Soap Mother of the Year but even she excels herself next week.


    Nicola’s constant complaints drive the new nursery school replacement out of the village leaving her to step in with Laurel to look after the children whilst a new one is found, whose brilliant idea was it for Nicola to work with children.  Viv’s child Cathy bites Nicola’s child Angelica and after telling her off she then proceeds to bite her back to teach her a lesson, not a really good idea. When she realises that she has over stepped the mark she persuades Laurel to cover up the incident, when will Laurel learn that Nicola is trouble.


    Naturally Viv spots the mark on Cathy’s arm and even though Laurel and Nicola are vague about it Cathy later tells her dad and as you would expect Viv is furious. Viv storms over to Nicola’s office and rants at her and too make it worse she does it in front of Natasha and Declan which embarrasses Nicola. At first Nicola apologises and admits she is in the wrong but Viv refuses to listen to her so Nicola loses it and tells her that Cathy is a brat anyway, not really the ideal way to get out of trouble. A great big argument follows and I can imagine it will be a real ding dong as both Nicola and Viv are very self opiniated people so will both be giving as good as they get.


    Just when Nicola thinks she is safe the police turn up to question her about a reported assault on a child, Viv in her anger has made a complaint to the police, Nicola knows she was wrong but doesn’t see it as assault. Nicola has admitted what she did and the bite mark is there for all to see so she is arrested and charged and will have to go to court. I wonder if Viv will regret it when she calms down though it will be out of her hands now as the police and social services will be involved so even if Viv drops the charges the case will still go ahead.  I can see this storyline causing problems in the village with people taking sides there will be a lot of unease.


    How daft was Nicola though, yes you are very protective of your children and whatever method you would use yourself to stop your child biting you don’t do it to someone elses child.  What do you think should Nicola be charged with child abuse and how would you have reacted if another child bit your child in front of you, let us know.

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