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    Anne Murray, A country singer made it big in the late 60’s and early 70’s. She was rare in that she had no nasal resonance yet she did have a beautiful deep seated warm contralto voice.

    She had a hits with “Snowbird”, “Butterflies” by Dolly Parton and a beautiful ballad called, “You needed me,” made famous by BoyZone or Westlife some 25 years after its original recording by Anne. 

    K.D Lang,  A country singer at heart who has crossed many boundaries to sing blues, jazz, swing, gospel and pop. Her latest hit was Constant Craving, although my favourite is a duet she sang with Roy Orbison called CRYING.

    She rose to fame in the 1980’s and was honoured when asked to sing for the Canadian Winter olympics.

    Bryan Adams, Rock guitarist and rock singer, rose to fame with the singing of the theme tune from the remake of the Robin Hood Story with Kevin Costner. This song was “Everything I do, I do it for You.” and it spent something like 16 weeks or so in top twenty British charts.

    Celine Dion. is of French Canadian back ground. She comes from a musical family and it was inevitable that her career would be in music from very early on. Yet her rise to fame comes through singing the theme tune from the award winning movie the Titanic. This song was a lament written with celtic folk influences and was title, “.My heart will go on”. 

    Today Celine is in Las Vegas.

    Who else can you think of that is Canadian that has made it as a singer, one is on the tip of my tongue as I type but for some reason this modern swing singers name is evading me .?

    Are there any famous canadian groups that have made it in the world of music?


    AGeing tart


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