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    Isn’t it strange how you can feel so alone when you are with other people, I know I have been a bit down lately, but today I just feel really alone, almost as though I was invisible. I came back from being out and my daughter had her inlaws here. Her father-in-law s;poke to me, and I then went to go upstairs, but as I was very hot and had walked quite a bit on my way home, couldn’t get a taxi because of the football, no drivers about, I sat on the stairs it was quite cool there with the air blowing through. My daughter and son-in-law walked by me a couple of times and didn’t even speak, I think if it hadn’t been for my grand daughter playing and talking to me KI would have thought I was invisible. Then when her in laws went home my daughter said I was rude sitting on the stairs. I said I couldn’t sit in the lounge as they were all in there, and didn’t have the energy at the time to go upstairs. Then I was in the wrong because I went and sat in the lounge after they had gone and because the football had finished I turned the television over,  I was then told that I hogged the lounge. I am now sitting here feeling really alone, probably we are all tired and hot, still I am going to get Virgin in my room and then I can watch what I like to my hearts content, and they can stay downstairs with their daughter and watch all her programmes. When Katie is at work my son in law always goes and sits in their room, I thought it was because he wanted to play on his Xbox.

    Oh well moan over, we have to live together.

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