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    Given that music is often aimed at younger listeners, there are bound to be a few songs out there about school. I’m wondering how many the wonderful members of Unreality Shout can name.

    Obviously I’ve given this a bit of thought, and here are my suggestions for songs about school:

    1. Alice Cooper – School’s Out: The classic end of term anthem, you’ll hear Cooper’s song play at the start of summer holidays everywhere!
    2. Van Halen – Hot For Teacher: We’ve all had them, the younger teacher in school who looks absolutely gorgeous that you had a massive crush on. In my school it was out French teacher, who remedied that problem by getting pregnant three years in a row.
    3. Extreme – Mutha Don’t Want To Go To School Today: Aw, man. I’m betting you’ve never heard this one, but it’s the absolute best song if you want to pull the duvet over your head and pretend your mother hasn’t been yelling up the stairs at you for the last half an hour. This song sets me on fire every time. I’ve YouTubed it below.
    4. Busted – That’s What I Go To School For: Erm…the poppier track of the four I’ve chosen. But you could call it a ‘new millennium’ spin on Hot For Teacher, as the Busted boys go stalking their teacher by peeping through her windows at night. Classy!

    Here’s the Extreme song to play you out. Now, time for your suggestions for school-related songs!

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