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    Hi guys. As you can imagine, sitting in front of a desk/lounging on a sofa all day working from a laptop can have a devastating effect on one’s waistline.

    So Lisa sent me a link the other day that basically says this pot belly I’ve been cultivating over the last few years might attract other things. Not her. Or the hot blonde up the street from us. No, more like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Bugger.

    Right, so it’s time to declare war on the pot belly. I don’t know what realistic expectations are, but I’d like it gone by the end of the summer. Or at least a shadow of its former self. I’d like to replace it with something a little more toned and trim, but don’t think I have the time or the cash for a long-term gym membership.

    Here’s my masterplan:

    • Take the Chinese take-away off speed-dial at home.
    • Cut out the fried foods (French toast be-gone)
    • Eat a little less in general, and nothing after 6pm
    • Try and replace some of the stodgier food intake (we eat a lot of breadstuffs in our house) with healthy fruit and veg. Less cups of tea, more drinks of fruit juice.
    • Up the exercise – more outdoor activities. I love hill walking, so more of that. Took the bicycle out the other night and promptly got a flat tyre. Cue 15 minute walk home.
    • Focus on the abs – if anybody knows some knockout way to tone up the abs region, leave me your comments. No, surgery is not an option 🙂

    The pot belly must die. Am I brave enough for a weigh-in? Yes, I probably am. I’ll post starting weight and waist size later on. No pictures though. I don’t think this forum is ready for that.

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