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    I don’t know if you can help me but I’m going to post this anyway.

    I’m a 20 year old girl, just your average Jo. A few months ago a friend said she had a crush on me. I didnt think anything of it, although deep down I knew I liked her too. She then told me she fancied me, and I admited to liking her. We texted as normal and met up and it was cool, though nothing was mentioned. I went to stay with her and it was then that it hit me. I really do fancy her. A lot. When I got home from the weekend, I thought it was best to send an email explaining my feelings. We spoke briefly about it but she said she didnt know how she felt. This obviously baffled me as prior to this she had been revealing her crush and how she thought she fancied me. From the outset it was her with the strong feelings and all of a sudden, bang, the shoe was on the other foot. I left things for a bit then randomly out the blue she asked me on a date. I accepted but couldnt help but think she was only asking me cos she felt she had to. I’ve been getting to grips with the fact that I really genuinely like her and want something to happen. Which is weird when I’ve had boyfriends in the past. But I don’t think she feels the same. She never replied to my email although we have spoken since. She’s a wee  bit older than me and is naturally worried about the age thing. But I just really want to know what shes thinking. Its all very up in the air and weird at the minute. One minute she’ll text, I’ll reply and thats it. Nothing.

    What should my next steps be?

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