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    I’ve been slowly catching up with Big Brother since Friday’s eviction extravaganza. It strikes me that Josie has a fairly good chance of winning, although she’s not a total frontrunner from what I can see.

    She’s definitely had an advantage of extra screen time with John James this series, but she’s been quite tough on him at times which may even have warmed John James haters to her cause. And she’s got that adorable bumpkin accent (sorry to any Bristonians reading this). She’s like Justin Lee Collins with boobs.

    Still, here’s my misguided take on who’s got the most chance of winning of the five remaining housemates – and you can take this as the eviction order if you like! 1= most likely to win, 5 = likely to be first evicted.

    1. Josie Gibson – Fun, down to earth, but possibly a complete actress. She’s my Corin substitute in the final, so I kind of hope she wins.
    2. JJ2 – From the limited amount I’ve seen of him, JJ2’s not the worst character in the world. And pretty too, the ladies might vote for him.
    3. Mario Mugan – With his pervy antics in the house, I’m surprised he’s made it this far, but someone must like him.
    4. Dave Vaughan – An abomination. How he gloried his way into the final, I’ll never understand.
    5. Andrew – The only reason I reckon Andrew will leave before Dave is because I know nothing about him. Could I be wrong?

    Interested to hear your take on the eviction order tonight and who you hope will win.

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