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    One of our all-time biggest threads on the old Unreality TV Forum asked “Is Louis Walsh Gay?

    Well, there’s always been a degree of speculation about Louis Walsh and his sexuality. On first look, he doesn’t appear to have a sexuality at all, being a kind of grey little man. He never seems to express an interest in attractive women when he’s judging on X Factor, he’s certainly never seen out in public with women or romantically linked to them. On the other hand, Walsh has never been romantically linked to a man either.

    It’s frequently pointed out that members of Louis’ two major boybands, Boyzone and Westlife, have been gay. Stephen Gately for Boyzone hid the fact that he was gay for years, and Mark Feehily of Westlife came out a couple of years after the band became famous. However, Walsh claims that he didn’t know either were gay at the time.

    Why does it matter?

    A question that often gets asked is why does it matter? What’s it to ya?

    Well, people naturally tend to couple up eventually. Walsh is a bit of an enigma in this regard. He’s never (to my knowledge) been romantically linked to anyone. I recall one documentary in which he claimed to still live with his mother.

    He works in a very liberal industry where you wouldn’t expect anyone to have issues with homosexuality anymore. So if he hides his sexuality, perhaps it’s got to do with a rather conservative old Irish attitude which is to present this image of total celebacy whilst ‘living with mother’.

    I think that’s why it piques people’s interest, because it’s unusual for someone to have absolutely no sexuality or romantic life. And even though people are constantly speculating on it, still no-one seems to know the answer for sure!

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