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    Hi everyone,

    I thought it’d be nice to reminise (or however you spell that!) about our past audition experiences.

    I’ve been to the X Factor auditions twice, however I’ve auditioned once.

    My audition was on a warm sunny day in 2008, I auditioned in Glasgow. The sun was shining – perhaps a little ‘too’ warm, but I wasn’t complaining (I don’t think!). I was auditioning with my mate, so we had to go to the ‘groups’ queue, ofcourse, being awesome we arrived fashionably late – too late infact!


    A marshall person came up to us and asked us if we were there to audition, were we a group etc etc etc… so, regardless of the fact of there being say, 8,000 soloists waiting – most of those being people who were queuing from the wee hours. Understandably, we felt like VIPs!


    Unfortunately, my friend and I did no rehearsing and sang Beans by Nirvana, it was not meant to be. Being nervous we laughed, singing beans the producer judges weren’t very impressed and asked us why we were laughing and to pick another song, we didn’t sing another song and left being told to practise more and try again next year!


    Defeated, we joined the soloists queue, we were VIPs, yes, but we also wanted the thrilling standing-in-a-queue experience! So we queued up took part in all the shananigans that went with standing in the queue and later filed into the stadium, later leaving…


    It was a fun day – I should have taken pictures!


    I’ll come back with my non-auditioning x factor auditions experience another time…


    How was your audition experiences?

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