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    I was watching the Crimewatch Roadshow on the Beeb this morning (I’m not all that into Crimewatch coz I find it scary and quite depressing but that Rav Wilding is YUMMY! :P) and they did a wee section on nuisance 999 calls which is a serious issue, but I couldn’t help having a giggle at some of the examples they gave.

    Caller: Hi. I’ve just been ID’d yeah? I’m actually 19 and I have a criminal record. Could you, like, look me up and then confirm with the man in the shop that I’m 19 – I’ve lost my ID?

    Operator: No – there is no way I can do that for you – this is an emergency line.

    Caller: It’ll only take a minute – I’m not even trying to buy alcohol – just fags!

    Operator: I’m sorry but I cannot tell the man in the shop you are 19 so that you can buy alcohol OR cigarettes. Please clear the line

    Can you believe that? On one hand as I say, I found it quite funny, but on the other can you imagine how much operator time is wasted with these calls and what could have been happening to some poor innocent person who was trying to get through to 999 while this idiot was tying up the line? Crazy. That wasn’t even the worst – here’s another:-


    Caller: Basically, I’d really like my phone reconnected. Can you put me through to Orange please?

    Operator: Unfortunately there is no way I can do that – this is an emergency line.

    Caller: But this IS an emergency – I’ve no contact with the outside world!


    Ridiculous. These of course are just 999 calls to the police – the other emergency services probably have the exact same kind of problems. Anyone else hear of any other ridiculous examples of nuisance 999 calls?

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