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    I’ve seen it twice now and the realisation is startling. The real winner of BGT was not Diversity it was Susan Boyle and in her interview with Piers she was funny, relaxed and a very down to earth person.

    She also said a lot in the interview about her upbringing and the way she was treated as a child of the 60’s. My warm wishes went out that the abuses and maltreatments of the past, were at last highlighted so that society could see how damned degrading and diabolical things can get.

    The medical profession are not god’s they get things wrong and god forbid it, but human beings pay for the errors of people who should no better. The stigma of a wrongful diagnosis of adhd being regarded as a mental illness and treated as such in some ways still goes on today.

    Yet for all of this Susan was calm, collected and connected to her audience in a beautiful way. To all those who taunted her Susan indeed has had the last laugh.

    Well done.


    Ageing tart


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