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    As it has been widely publicised X Factor is to take a break next year, with the series returning in early 2012 (Audition process starting around November 2011).

    Personally I welcome the break as it might force the producers to take a hard look over their shoulders at newer talent shows that have recently come into the spotlight, such as Sky One’s “Must Be The Music” & Channel Five’s “Don’t Stop Believin’ ?

    All successful TV Entertainment shows must come to end of sorts eventually (just look at Big Brother, even although Celebrity Big Brother is set to return). So, perhaps it is now time to finally bin X Factor as we know it & come up with something new & refreshing.

    Initially, X Factor was really all about the eventual winner (who can remember any of the early series losing Finalists cutting a successful record deal ?), but that is no longer the case with Diana Vickers, JLS & Olly Murs being prime examples.

    So if the show is to reappear in 2012, it must seriously re-invent itself, IMHO.

    Here are a few of my own ideas:-

    1) Re-brand the show with a completely new name

    2) Increase the number of Audition venues to capture a wider UK Audience, but limit the number of Audition entrants at each venue to a maximum amount, with much more emphasis on selecting “real” raw undiscovered talent.

    There is most certainly plenty of real talent around with enough personality, quirkieness & headline grabbing personal stories, without resorting to humiliating so many wierd & totally deluded auditionees who turn up every year !! 

    Possible revised list of venues:-

    Scotland- Edinburgh, Glasgow & Aberdeen or Inverness

    England- Newcastle, Carlisle, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Norwich, Plymouth, Southampton & London

    Wales- Cardiff & Wrexham

    N Ireland- Belfast & Londonderry

    Ireland- Cork & Dublin

    3) TV Viewers being allowed a vote to go towards deciding on the 12 (or 16) Finalists- possibly 2 judges picks plus 2 viewers picks.

    4) Revamping audition categories:-

    Boys- 16-29, Girls 16-29, 30’s & Over, Groups to include bands with instruments

    5) Live TV Final Shows:-

    Bottom 3 to sing-off in early weeks with the Studio Audience (not judges) selecting which 2 acts stay in, with the odd twist of possibly the bottom 2 being voted off without any sing-off, or no-one voted off at all.

    A Duets week with Finalists being allowed to choose an established “star” singer to sing with.

    A Wildcard week, where TV Viewers are asked to vote to allow 2 of the acts already voted out in previous weeks, to be brought back in for the last few shows.

    A percentage of TV Viewers phone votes monies to go to charity. 

    6) 4 eventual Winners instead of just one- i.e. one winner from each category, with all 4 winning a record deal & performing at a special event (e.g. the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony)

    Just a few ideas, but I would be interested to know everyone else’s thoughts, perhaps they might even be to scrap the show altogether ??


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